Here are 5 of the 9 trees cored for growth rates.

cored juniper2
This juniper is on the edge of a dry creek and presumably
gets more water than those on the slopes.  It is 130
years old and has added an inch of radial trunk each
23 years.

juniper 3
This juniper is also a fast grower.  It is 135 years old and
has added an inch of radial trunk each 18 years.  Notice its
thin crown branches and still round fairly dense crown.  Its
shape indicates it is not relatively old yet.

juniper 5
This tree cored at 127 years old.  Due to the steep slope
it grew relatively slowly adding an inch radially to its
trunk every 34 years.

juniper 6
This tree on the very steep slope was cored to get
a slow growth rate.  The leftmost vertical trunk grew
an inch radially each 35 years and that branch or
trunk was 98 years old.

juniper 8
This tree, growing in a shallow depression, should have
had slightly above average soil depth and water availability.
It  cored at 140 years old and put on an inch of trunk
radially every 31 years.  This tree is getting some heavy
upper branches and somewhat irregular crown growth indicating
it is beginning to transition from youth intoa mature tree.