Our trip to Palo Duro and Amarillo Oct 3-7 2012

hiking country
Hiking country
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First few days Bill hiked, Ginger visited with Amarillo friends

Oct. 2nd & 3rd
Typical canyon views from the road
The big dirt cave and other things on the bottom of the canyon
First days hikes are here.
Some things on the top of the canyon

Oct. 4th
Hiking the lowlands
Rocks and plants of the lowlands
Hiking the boulder field
Hiking the dry creekbeds
Eating yogurt

Oct. 5th
This day was posters, workshops, and talks at the AAPG Field Conference in Amarillo, no pictures.

Oct. 6th
There were several hikes in the canyon to see different features.  I went with three groups down the CCC trail to its convergence with the old Geology trail, out onto Goodnight peak, then down the side of that mesa to the amphitheater.
Here are Pictures of the CCC Trail with the three groups of hikers.
Here are Pictures of the old Geology Trail with the three groups of hikers.
The ending session in the canyon at the new conference center.

Oct. 7th
On the way home, we meet a horse and some cows.