Breakdown of Shortwave Reception in Texas

I broke down the receptions I could get in 2005-2006 into the following categories;

News: Facts only
Commentary and discussion: any mention of pros and cons on topics, can sometimes verge on the news itsaelf if short
Culture and History:  a subset of commentary; sometimes hard to differentiate if in foriegn language
Non-religious Music:  all music produced by musicians outside a place of worship, even if played from within a church.
Christian religion: christian religious service, preaching, and any music sung by the congregation during a religious service
Islamic Koran: recitation of the Koran; chanted or sung or spoken
Sports Broadcast: game coverage
Espionage: CIA and Cuban coded Spanish 5number transmissions(only Spanish was heard)
Other:  usually language lessons, radio plays, or aviation weather

Charts of these broadcast categories are listed under their respective bands;
19 meter chart   22 meter chart   25 meter chart   31 meter chart   41 meter chart
43 meter chart   49 meter chart   60 meter chart

Click here if you want details on how data was gathered for the pie charts