Foriegn Music, Reception in Central Texas

There is a wide variety of really good music we do not hear often in Texas.

The best way to hear and enjoy the full array of types is through shortwave radio.
A subset of the types of music could be found on satellite subscriptions and also on the web.
However, the broadest variety is still found on the radio in the shortwave spectrum.

Some of the music comes directly from the source country, some from transmitters
leased here in America or nearby to rebroadcast the music, especially Greek, Chinese,
Vietnamese, and Taiwanese.

Because broadcast frequencies commonly differ for winter and summer, I made two lists.
Both lists are links to an Excel spreadsheet.  The winter list has music received repeatedly
from here during the 2005-2006 winter.  The summer list was reception from April through October 2006.  The winter and summer lists are on seperate worksheets of the spreadsheet, currently arranged by time of day(Universal time)  Music boadcast but not received, or not received adequately to enjoy, is not on these lists.  Universal time is 5 or 6 hours ahead of Texas time, depending on daylight savings.

Click here for the Texas Reception List  (requires Excel)
Click here for spreadsheet explanations
Click here for a map of transmitter sites and countries from which foriegn music was heard.

Thanks to Passport to Worldband Radio and to WRTH for the spelling of the radio stations, aid in station identification, and especially for the transmitter locations. I recommend listeners purchase both of these publications.

Examples of foriegn music  Be sure to scroll for the rest.
Suggestions for best reception
These pie charts show how much of the shortwave broadcast into Texas is music.

Hardware:  An Old Heathkit SW7800 receiver, old Heathkit antenna tuner, and a pair of passive multiband dipoles oriented at Europe and the far-east respectively, mounted at 30 feet and coax fed, and a Universal Time clock that updates itself daily from WWV.