Bill and Ginger's Library

We decided to catalog our books and to put the catalog online.
One of the reasons for doing that was so friends can borrow a book or two from time to time,
by looking through what we have.

Due to the number of books, it is best to use the search or tag buttons to get to interesting books.
The search button is in the upper right, best used  if you know an author name or a title.
However, you can browse a subset easiest by clicking on Tags on the upper menu bar,(pink row),
and choosing one that closest matches what you are interested in.
Clicking on any blue column header will sort that header.
For different types of information showing in the table, try any of the 5 "styles" from the menu bar.

We have added hundreds of comments and over a hundred of our own reviews.  Through the web catalog you can also access thousands of reviews written by others on these books.
Not all our books are cataloged yet, and may never be but the majority are now there.
I expect the catalog to be an ongoing thing, updated every few weeks or months.

Click here for access to our catalog.