Family, relatives and our dogs are here

1   Ginger arrives at the park.
2   A kite follows mom.
3   Here's a good spot.
4   We have a good view of the kites, the crowd, and the downtown area.
5   Siiting in our chairs watching the kites.
6   Sara and Penny Dog watch and look for friends out there somewhere.
7   Sara and Penny investigate the action.
8   Sara and Ginger talking and watching kites.
9   Mug shot of us at our spot.
10  Penny gets settled.
11  Waiting for friends and family to arrive.
12  Ginger watches the kites, chats with Sara.
13  Here come some friends sf Sara's.
14  People friends and dog friends.
15  Penny Dog, enjoying being out in the activity.
16  Dog friends play.
17  Dog friends play 2
18  A friend and her dog.
19  More dog friends show up.
20  The dogs see something.
21  Penny Dog meets some new friends.
22  Cathy and Timmy arrive.
23  Cathy gets a kite started.
24  Timmy watched the festival from his chair.
25  Timmy and his banana watch a kite overhead.
26  Timmy flies his Cars kite from his chair.
27  Cathy takes turns flying Timmy's kite.
28  Cathy and Timmy fly the kite together.
29  Cathy
30  Cathy reads Timmy a story.
31  Lexa joins Cathy to hear the story with Timmy.
32  Lexa says hi.
33  Lexa and aunt Sara read a story together.
34  Lexa and Sara reading together.
35  Lexa looks up from the story.
36  Lexa and Aunt Sara fly Lexa's kite together.
37  Lexa flies her kite herself while Sara looks back at us.

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