Other People at the kite festival

1    A deluxe viewing setup.
2    Getting a kite up high.
3    Flying an "Occupy" tent.
4    A mom and daughter fly a kite.
5    A tiptoe launch is better than a flat-footed launch?
6    A father and son fly a kite.
7    A grownup kite flier.
8    Two boys fly their kite.
A girl waits for her mom to launch the kite.
10  Another grownup kite flier.
11  A mom gets the family kite ready.
12  Two guys use a fishing pole to real in their kite.
13  A little boy with his airplane kite.
14  A big boy with his six foot kite.
15  A grownup with his sailing ship kite.
16  These kids push their picnic suply wagon.
17  This mom and girl let their tired dog have the stroller seat.
18  This dog gets a hand carried pouch.
19  This guy has a double toddler load.
20  Lets take a picture.
21  Yes, lets take pictures.
22  Kites?  Just gimme my frisbee!
23  These dogs watch their masters pack up.
24  Hanging out, enjoying the day.

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