Kite Pictures
This is just a sampling of the wide variety and originality we saw  in the many kites.
I have broken  them into groupings to get some order for the pictures.

Lightening McQueen
Groups of kites in the sky
    kite traffic pileup
    a kite group
    another kite group
    three solid colored traditional kites together
clownfish with angelfish shape
    hammerhead shark
    black shark
    blue shark
    multi-fish; reef fish from a distance, shark face from close
blue and yellow parrot
    snowy owl
    parrot with odd tail
White M Hairstreak
    actually a damselfly or very abstract butterfly or flower
    multi-colored swallowtail, fictious coloring
    a Checkerspot butterfly with enhanced colors
    Anise Swallowtail with added red in the wings
    swallowtail with fictious colors
    moth, bat style kite with fictious color
biplane, pink tail
    biplane, british insignia
    jet fighter
    bomber, followed by a UFO and another bomber
orange and black kitty with white paws and a ball of red twine
    overweight but happy purple pussycat
a pink beetle with blue spots, pinchers, and six black and white legs
    a Ladybug beetle
green tree frog
    leggless dragonfly with a monster's face?
    orange and yellow dragon
    ocean going sailing ship with 8 sails
Geometric three dimensional kites
multicolored diamond or prism
    abstract three dimensional snowflake
    three dimensional star
    stretched traditinal design with six additional wingtips added
    box kite with many polygonal holes
    box kite designed as a house or tent with windows and a Disney character in one window
Wedge or parasail
happy face
    parasail with 9 partitions
    parasail with unusual tulip stem and blossom affect
    parasail with 4 partitions
Bat design
traditional bat kite but with a twelve inch man holding onto the tail
    bat kite with two Disney characters, probably Snow White on the left
Traditional kite-shaped
beautiful red and white bold complex Persian style graphics
    homemade American flag pattern
    striking blue with black border with a sitting Buddha in the center
    a dark black horned toad on this translucent kite
    this yellow one says "keep Austin kiting"
    black kite with a bird face
    red, blue and green abstract art on black background
    skull and crossbones
    The last kite is Winnie the Pooh

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