The Hasquite tree

The Hasquite tree seems the perfect tree for many hill country birds.
Mockingbirds could sit in the top and survey the area while scolding.
They could drop down into the leafier part and have good spots for nests.
In the sring there are Mesquite flowers.  In spring and summer, hackberries,
In the fall there are a few mesquite beans.

hasquite tree
Of course, I've never seen any birds in it at all.
Even though I walk past it every other day.

It has a nice spiral double hackberry-mesquite trunk.
more hasquite
And if you look close, it has a dark halo around it, in this picture anyway.

Great Blue Herons, vultures, Mockingbirds, barn swallows and nighthawks fly over it.
One of these days, I'll see a bird in it.