Harp Music

Many Years ago I was browsing on the web for interesting music.
I came across several harp music recordings which sounded pretty good.
Somehow, I got on the mailing list for a harp manufacturer.
About once a year for a half dozen years I would get a blurb about their harp sales or a new model.
Their products were in the 12000 to 100000 dollar range mostly, but I found other harp types on the web that were  much more reasonable.

Then in 2013 I stumbled on a harp music CD advertised on the web that had two really awesome recordings.
They were written for making  infants content.  The best of the two was Twinkle Little Star.
It was more powerful than all the classical or contemporary harp music I had heard.
So how could baby music be so impressive?

The musician had outstanding ability.
The musician had access to a major TV recording crew and equipment since she worked for the corporation.
The musician had won a 23000 dollar harp with stunning tone.
The musician was a good arranger and added flute and Cello in places, as well as complex harmony, and the combined melody and harmony  covered an entire four octaves.

Meet Twinkle.

link to recital 4/19/2013