New Rocket
                        Galactic Spaceship 2

pictures taken 1/13/2014

Here is a picture sequence of the new rocketship on its third flight using its engine.

Pic1:  Here is the company owner with his rocketship bolted under another airplane, also his design.

Pic2:  Here is the launch airplane with the rocketship leaving the hangar for the flight.

Pic3:  The launch airplane with the rocletship is just leaving the ground.

Pic4:  You can see the rocketship well as the airplane gains altitude.

Pic5:  The launch airplane turns and gets ready to let the ship go.

Pic6:  The airplane has let go of the rocketship.

Pic7:  The rocketship pilot fires the engine.

Pic8:  And off he goes, leaving the airplane behind.

Pic9:  The pilot took the rocketship to 13 miles above earth, at well over the speed of sound.

Pic10:  The airplane banks and returns to the landing strip.

Pic11:  The rocketship comes back down, and also returns to the landing strip.

The rocketship is built to have five to eight passengers so there are lots of windows.
You can see the windows on the first few photos.

Pictures of the inside show comfy seats.