Spring at Bill and Ginger's 2014
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We're finally through with the wintry weather.

Mildred's bluebonnets sprouted in late December and have been growing, fist laterally then finally vertically.
They're now almost at their peak.  Pic1, Pic2.  Here's the two bugs on the center flower.  Pic3.

Our birds are really busy  The sunflower feeder is busy all the time.  Pic4.

Our resident bluebird pair has three nest boxes to choose from in front, and several more in back.
Pic5, Pic6.  That is the male.
Yesterday they chose one, not the one in the picture and the male began bringing food to the female in the box.

We have a resident tree frog this year too.  Here he is two days ago, as the hackberry trees are just leafing out, Pic7.
He was not in sight yesterday but here he is again, same spot today.  Pic8.

This year we have some wild blackberries starting along the fence.Pic9.  I think the seeds for them came from the birds, from a bush about 35 yards away.Pic10.

A few early regular wildflowers are coming out.  Pic11, Pic12

Since our resident Carolina Wren built a nest by the pool plumbing, I got him a special box,
in a shady place near his spot from last year. Pic13
Speaking of the pool, it is looking ready for the summer, just needs the water to continue warming up.  Pic14