Our trip to Concan, Aug. 17th to 19th, 2012

Sara asked us to join her and some of her friends in Concan so we did.  It was fun.
Here are some pictures from that trip.

When we arrived, we were thinking the grandkids were on the way so quickly set out some new stuff for them in the other bedroom, and rented an electric cart for exploring.

We had gotten them explorer vests with compasses, magnifying glasses, 2 little flashlights each, water bottles, fancy pink clamp-on markers for interesting stuff, high quality kid-size binocuars, 4 types of bird books, their own first-aid kit, whistles, rope, and more.  Here's a picture of their explorer gear, but they didn't make it to Neal's.

In the morning, I headed out with the put-put to explore the desert. (use the next button beside the pictures for a while)

I explored around the river, especially at sunrise and sunset.  Here are some of those river pictures.
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In exploring around, I saw a lot of this Texas tradition.

Cabin Life
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In addition to swimming, floating, horseback riding, and hayrides, there was a scavenger hunt.

I enjoyed seeing the birds, mostly different than ours at home.  But I had left my birds of this area book at home so bought another from the store.  June Osborne wrote about these birds more than anyone.  Here is her tribute, at the cafe.

We always put out birdseed to get good looks at the porch birds.
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We had a nice group supper.

After supper the girls went to the Garner dance.  Here, Sandra and Chris are already warming up.

I still wear a T-shirt with the emblem  "Texas Star Party 1997".  That was the year an astronomy buddy and I went to the star party which that year was held just south of Leakey, or about 10miles from Concan.  It was great.  The stars have always been great at Concan, and were again this year.

So I decided to take a picture of the Milky Way from our porch.  But I forgot to focus the camera on infinity before dark.  So here's the somewhat blurry Milky Way from our porch.

We left Sunday and stopped in Medina at a place Ginger liked that had all sorts of apple things; like trees, apple ice cream, apple pastries, books on apples, and so on.  So here we are at the apple place.

That's about it for our 3-day Concan visit.  Hope you enjoyed a few of the pictures.
For those wondering what birds I saw, here is a list of two mornings birding.