Mom's 11/10/2012  hospital visit to
San Antonio's visit to Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital

1;Do Xray in New Braunfels, nothing showing up
2; Do CT scan of chest, pneumonia, go to San Antonio for treatment
Friday evening
3; arrive in SanAntonio, check oxygen level, low, get breathing going and start oxygen
4: do another xray to confirm pneumonia & take blood for disease culture & chemistry
5; start pneumonia-specific antibiotics, begin strict diet and blood sugar control

switch focus to kidney health
6; begin kidney check with blood & urine tests, do a 2nd CT scan to target the kidney, not lung
Saturday evening
7; get results of cultures to see which pneumonia and tweak antibiotics for that variety
8; visit about CT scan and kidney chemistry results
pneumonia gone lungs healing
9; MRI and another two xrays
10; an ultrasound and a "procedure"

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