Heckler Visit to Texas   3/18/2012 through 3/23/2012

Fooling around in wildflowers near Bill & Ginger's house

    Allison & Steffen check the flowers
    Here comes Nicholas
    Kids like to run
    Allison in the bluebonnets
    Ginger and Susan visit while Nicholas is still running

Ladybird Wildflower Center
    A metal firewheel
    Nicholas runs
    Steffen runs with Nicholas
    Ginger looks at some 3D framed artwork
    A framed window with 3D art
    A framed 3D Iris artwork
    A 3D birdhouse scene framed
    resting at a pavilion with Sara
    A mini-landscape of wildflowers by the parking lot

BBQ at the Saltlick
    Susan gets Allison ready
    Susan and Allison
    One of the cook fires
    Stuff on the cook fire
    Preparing the meat
    Here comes a big platter of ribs and stuff
    Lots of people eating bbq
    Allison gets a lift
    Steffen moves Allison around
    Allison watches Steffen and Susan talkng
    Ginger, Susan, and Allison look over the menus
    Ginger and Susan visit
    Susan shares her snapshot views
    Sara, Ginger and Susan scrol through the photos
    Allison and Nicholas get out their toys
    Steffen orders for Allison
    Allison gets some milk
    The kids race their cars
    The table is the racetrack
    The kids and Steffen watch a guitar player
    Music and cars
Willow City Drive
    An overlook
    Looking into the valley
    Susan gets her camera ready
    Pictures from the moving car
    Pictures from the sunroof?
    Mirror view
    There's a deer eating weeds
    A friendly black cow
    The mama cow and her calf
    Calf with an itch
    A little cattle trail action
    A nice healthy cow, grazing through the bluebonnets
    Brown cows graze through
    A hefty brown calf on the cowtrail
    A hill view
    More hill view
    A bluff-sided hill
    A hill with a point