fossil fragments
These are typical fossil and fossil pseudomorph remains found in the cone bearing bed.  These were
weathering out about one hundred yards away from a hematite cone site containing about a dozen cones.
The cones were at one end of the bed, a hundred yard long zone with no fossils or cones was in the center
length, then a short segment with these type fossil remains.  There were no fossil remains in the cone site and
no cones in the fossil-bearing end.  The sandstone bed was continuous.  The rightmost fragment looks a lot
like the squashed plant material that is so common in the beds below the cone-bearing beds.  They are usually
seen as squashed sticks four to eighteen inches long, usually replaced by hematite but sometimes more pyrite
and carbon than hematite. The rightmost fragment isa about 1.5 inches long and 0.25 inches thick.