cow pattie shaped hematite concretions

Here, the prospective sandstone was too silty and fine grained; too low in vertical
permiability for the hematite concretions to develop into cones.  Instead they have
formed in cow pattie shapes.  Notice the three here, an 18 inch on the left, 12 inch in
the center, and a 6 inch concretion on the right.  Looka t the rightmost 6 inch pattie on
its pedestal forming a miniature hoodoo.  The desert scrub on this south facing exposure
is in bloom with fragrant purple blossoms.  See below what happens if their is some
vertical permiability but not enough for cone formation.

stacked concretions
In this view you can see several four to six inch wide columns of stacked concretions
in the closer rock.  In the background are six to eight inch diameter stacked concretions.