2008 Videos

Typical launch from Guaranty Bank Building(1.3mb wmv file)
Flying as a pair(5.45mb wmv file)
Flying against the wind(1.3mb wmv file)
Hunting at the old Tesoro bldg, followed by diving for prey, and missing(4.1mb wmv file)
Typical low altitude hunting(3.5mb wmv file)
Soaring with the departing airport jets(170kb wmv file)
Flying the updrafts against the office buildings(870kb wmv file)    more flying the updrafts(2.8mb wmv file)
Descending to the nest area, always at high speed(1.4mb wmv file)
A typical mating(3.2mb wmv file)   The male always floats down to the female, never hops up onto her
Soaring with prey(1mb wmv file)
Touching windows while playing together(3.2mb wmv file)