2008 Photos

Jets and Swainson's Hawks share the same sky
The Flight path runs between the Frost and the Gauranty Bank Buildings
The hawks often fly updrafts against the office windows on the Chase and Gauranty Bank buildings
The adult pair plays by formation flying, window brushing, and touching building corners.

2008 nest
    Early morning light shows the nest through foliage
    Morning close up of the nest
    Nest is not really visible by noon
    Nest is completely screened by foliage in the afternoon
Chick activity spurs adult activity at the nest 6/18/08
    Both adults standing by
    Female leans into the nest often, bobbing head of chick or chicks occasionally visible

Chicks wiggling around
    Chicks on the morning of 6/23/08, 9:30AM
    One big chick on the nest edge  6/24/08
    Chicks lose the white down

    Almost ready to leave the nest, lacking only 1 inch growth  of wingtip primaries. Another view

Adults carrying prey
Soaring with prey on bank building updrafts
Prey in the form of a baby bird;  broadside and in profile

Adult flight
    Hunting and flapping style
    Soaring flight style, wingtip control only; wingtips combined with tail for control