Observation Log 2008
GBB=Gauranty Bank building
FNB=Frost Bank building
CBB=Chase Bank building
BBB=Broadway Bank Building
BBQ=Bill Miller BBQ

1:05-4:45PM 1 adult soaring all afternoon around the GBB roof and top floors.  Also swooping around the traffic along 410 and the access roads in spite of the major construction going on and heavy equipment and noises.  The bird never landed during this time interval.  This marks the male's return.  It is about a week late.  No missing feathers.

1:30-2:00PM  Adult male soaring, did not land but stayed close to GBB and CBB bldgs.

11:45AM   1 adult soaring.
Noon-4:30PM    No birds visible.  
4:30-5:00PM   1 adult soaring low.

Afternoon; Stacy saw both adults soaring together.  This marks the return of the adult female.

9AM-4:15PM   No birds
4:30-5:15PM   1 adult soaring over GBB but not landing.

8:40-8:50AM   Both adults soaring and circling south side of GBB
1:09PM   One adult circling with a rat in its claws, approaching roof of Chase bldg.
2:58PM   Both adults soaring together off the south side of the CBB.
3:22PM   Female carrying a different smallish rat or a big mouse to the southerly roof of the CBB.

Today, although dark and misty, was a very busy day for the pair of hawks.  They were visible most of the time and have begun using the GBB more frequently, both for floating above, and for perching on.
8:48AM   1 adult circling GBB roof.
8:58AM   Both adults circling low over GBB roof in tight formation.
9:06AM   1 adult perched on the south side of GBB while the other circled the roof.
9:15-11:16AM   Both adults on GBB roof for the first time this season.  Male is perched to the female's left, about a foot away.  Once the male launched, circled for a minute and landed back next to the female.
11:00AM  Light rain started while the adults remained perched.
11:16AM    Both adults launch and circle the GBB.  The rain stops.
 11:43AM   No birds visible.
1:02PM   Both adults circling 200 yards south of GBB.
1:04PM   No birds visible and light mist coming down.
1:53PM   Both adults circling at 150-200' altitude between Tesoro and BBB bldgs.
2:39PM   Both adultts soaring, same altitude, between GBB and BBB.
3:10PM   1 adult floating 15-20' above the SE corner of GBB.
3:20PM   No birds visible.
3:52PM    1 adult hovering at 200' altitude above CBB.
3:55PM    Other adult passes over CBB with a mouse in its talons, heading towards the 2006 nest.  While descending, it eats most of the mouse, snapping off the tail, and transters the remains to its beak before landing in some bare branches at the old nest site.
4:06PM   Both adults floating and circling the SE corner of GBB, some formation flying.
4:40PM   Female is soaring several hundred yards south of GBB.
5:00PM   Both adults soaring over 410 at Nacagdoches intersection.
Cloudy morning, partly cloudy mid-day, clear  in late afternoon.
9:00-9:20AM   No birds visible.
9:22-10:15AM   Both adults on south edge of GBB roof but facing north into the gentle breeze, male to the left of female.
10:16AM Copulating
10:20AM   Female stays on GBB while male glides around the roof and former nest area at 100-250' altitude.
10:26-1107AM   Both adults on GBB, male always on female's left and today, facing north.
11:08AM   Both birds launch and circle GBB.   One adult fights his reflection in the upper floor south-facing window.
11:29AM   Female on GBB while the male wanders around somewhere.
11:45AM   Birds in formation flying around and around GBB.
12:00-12:20   No birds visible.
12:25   1 adult on GBB roof.
12:30-1:25PM   No birds visible.
1:28PM   1 adult lands on GBB roof edge.
1:29PM   Other adult lands on GBB roof edge.
1:47PM   No birds visible.
2:15-2:17PM   Both adults on GBB roof.
2:17PM   1 bird dives off GBB roof, swoops to within 5' of the ground on Nacagdoches and lands in a shady tree 30' past there.
2:30PM   No birds visible.
2:52PM   Both adults in loose formation flying 50 yards south of GBB at 100' altitude, then circling GBB.  One bird attacks his reflection in the upper story window.
2:54PM   Both birds land on the south edge of GBB roof and copulate.
2:55PM   Both birds launch and circle between GBB and CBB at 100' altitude.
3:11-4:40PM   No birds visible.
4:45PM   Both birds circle into view from the north.  Female lands on south edge of GBB roof.  Male lands on top of the female and copulates, then slides down to perch at the female's left.

Clear sky all day with a north breeze.
Much of today seems to be courtship and beginning to select a specific nest tree.
8:47AM   Both adults just showed up on south side of GBB roof.  They launched and circled.
8:50AM   No birds visible, probably off to the north.9:00AM    Both back, in loose fromation flying around GBB with the the male striking the upper floor south facing window three times with talons.  Once the female floated over a red airplane beacon mounted on the NW corner of GBB, touching it with both feet.
9:14AM   Both birds are still in the air, ascending to 400-500' altitude.  Then, first the male and the female following, fold wings and plunge to the nestsite area and land in a tree using a small swoop to brake.
10:20AM   1 adult on GBB roof.
11:44AM   Male passes over CBB with a very small prey, drifting towards GBB.  He is joined by the female and both proceed toward last year's nest site.  On reaching the area, the male engages in swooping, closing wings and dropping 50' or so, and flaring back up.  Female begins swooping too, then both land in a tree in the nestsite area.
1:04PM   Both adults on GBB roof, male to female's right.  Male launches and flies off.
1:22PM   Male returns carrying another small prey while soaring between GBB and CBB.  He then carries the prey to the nest area where both adults begin swooping above the trees.  Then both birds land in the trees.
2:02PM   Both adults are in formation flying 6' in front of the south side of CBB.
2:24PM   Female is on GBB roof.
3:09PM   Male lands on GBB roof edge, to the female's left.
4:15PM   1 Adult is flying among nest trees, landing periodically.
4:33PM   1 Adult circles past CBB, 6' from the windows.
4:45PM   1 adult on GBB roof.

Clear sky, cool morning, north breeze, at least at first.
8:15AM   Both adults on GBB south roof edge, facing north.  Male perching to female's right.
8:27AM   No birds visible, even to the north of the Loop.  Suspect they are still on the roof, just stepped back out of sight.
8:58AM   Both adults on GBB roof edge.
10:08AM   Femape on GBB roof edge while male floats above GBB.
10:24AM   Male is gliding and hunting off the south side od CBB while the female waits on GBB roof.
11:27AM   No birds visible.
11:32AM   1 adult approached from above GBB and landed on GBB.
12:50   Both adults on GBB roof edge, but now facing south.  Male is to female's right.
1:28PM   Both adults still on GBB roof.
2:30PM   Female only on GBB roof edge.
2:40PM   Both birds on GBB roof edge.
3:45PM   1 adult on GBB roof.
4:20PM   Birds in loose formation flying, 150' abave GBB.
4:40PM   1 adult gliding above and between GBB and Cbb while other adult perches on GBB.

Clear sky, 55 degrees
9:00AM   Both adults on GBB roof edge.
9:30AM   No birds visible.
1:18PM   Both birds flew off north to Tesoro bldg. area.
2:28PM   No birds visible.
2:57PM   1 adult flying over BBB.  Much soaring today in that area.
4:00PM   Female on GBB roof edge while male is soaring around, mostly north of 410, between BBB and Tesoro bldgs.

Cloudy morning and mostly cloudy afternoon; south breeze, 60-75 degrees.
Took a lot of video today of soaring, formation flying, copulating, nest area searching...
8:40AM   Both adults on GBB roof edge.
8:43AM   Both birds launch and drift north.
9:06AM   Both adults are back on GBB roof edge, facing south, male on female's right.
10:00AM   1 adult glides to nest area and lands in 3 trees sequentially.  Got a video of that.
10:30AM   Both adults floating around GBB and BBB.
11:40-11:48AM   Female perching on GBB while male is soaring to the north, between BBB and Tesoro bldgs.
12:30-2:00PM   No birds visible.
2:10PM   Both adults come back to GBB, female floats down first, followed by the male who floats down to the top of the female and commences copulation.  Male does not touch down on the roof but floats off the female and soars around while the female remains on the roof.  Video fo this too.
2:15-3:15PM   First the male, then the female both glide north of 410 and float around between BBB and Tesoro, occasionally crossing south of 410, then back north.  Finally, both birds set their wings and glide south to the nest area where they land in the trees.
3:15-3:30PM   Both adults remain somewhere in the trees at the nest area.
3:35PM-4:15PM   Both adults are soaring again north of 410 between BBB and Tesoro.

Partly cloudy morning, starting at 65 degrees and a south breeze.
8:40AM   Both adults circling low over BBB.
8:51AM   Same.
9:09AM   Both adults floating over GBB at 100-200' altitude.
9:25AM   1 bird gliding between GBB and nest area.
958AM   Both adults floating around GBB at 100-125' altitude.
10:15AM   1 adult dropped into a new nest and stomped around in it.
11:44AM   1 adult perched standing up in the nest.
4:20PM   Female on GBB roof.  Male shows up and lands on the female, copulates, and lifts off for another soar around the building.

Starting out partly cloudy to clear, 55 degrees and a north breeze.
8:16AM   Both adults lazily flap northward from the nest area toward GBB at 50' altitude and begin floating on updrafts 10' above GBB roof.  They rise to 150-200' altitude and increase their circling diameter to about a city block.  They then rise to 300' altitude and increase their gliding circle to  about a mile.
8:21AM   The adult female lands on GBB south edge followed in 15 seconds by the male which lands on the female instead of the roof, copulates, and drifts off to soar around some more.
8:26AM   No birds visible.
8:28AM   1 bird just launched from the nest, flying north amongst the trees, toward FBB, hunting.
8:50AM   Female is on GBB roof edge but perched 20' further SW than usual, right on the building corner.  She is actually perched on an electronics box bolted onto the building's corner, not really on the roof.  She is preening.

Cloudy all day, 70-85 degrees.
When on the GBB roof, the pair perches very close together today.
8:40AM   Both adults on GBB roof.
9:45AM   No birds visible.
10:46AM   The birds are copulating, then the male flies off to soar over GBB.
11:07AM   Both adults on GBB roof.
1:08PM   Both adults still on GBB roof.
1:30PM   No birds visible.
2:00PM   1 adut circling top floor of GBB.
2:33PM   No birds visible.
4:26PM   Both adults on GBB roof.
5:00PM   Female only on GBB roof.

Cloudy morning, 71 degrees, misty.
8:51AM   1 adult circling between GBB and nest area.
10:45AM   Both adults perch right next to each other on GBB roof
Clouds and mist have stopped, south breeze now.
10:56AM   1 adult on GBB roof, other soaring between GBB and FNB
11:45AM   1 adult soaring around GBB.
2:03PM   1 adult on GBB roof while the other soars above the roof.
2:10PM   Both adults circling north of loop 410.
3:30PM   Two men are working on the GBB roof
3:48PM    The male adultcircles between GBB and CBB
3:50PM   Both adults soaring between south sides of GBB and CBB

Day started out partly cloudy, mild, a south breeze and 71 degrees.
8:40AM   Both adults on GBB, shoulder to shouldere with the male on the female's left.
9:09AM   1 bird circling over BBB.
9:19AM   Both adults side by side on GBB roof again. male to female's left.
10:32AM   Only female on GBB roof.
10:52AM   Both adults on GBB again, side by side, with male to female's left.
11:04AM   Both adults on GBB roof, copulating.  Male launched from female's back and glided around between GBB and nest area.
11:54AM   No birds visible.
12:37   1 adult on GBB roof.
2:00PM   Both adults on GBB roof, side by side with male to female's left.
3:40PM   1 bird on GBB roof.

Day starts out dark and cloudy, getting ready to drizzle and 72 degrees.
8:54AM   Both adults on GBB roof, male to female's left.
10:45AM   1 adult on GBB roof.
11:45AM   Both adults on GBB roof, male to female's right.
1:37PM   Same as above.
2:19PM   1 adult on GBB roof.

Clear sky, slight north breeze, 71 degree morning.
8:34AM   1 adult on GBB roof, looks like the male.
8:36AM   No birds visible.
8:41AM   Both adults on GBB roof, very close side by side but with one bird facing north, the other facing south.  This is not typical.
8:58AM   Female has turned around, now both are facing north with the male to the female's right.
9:05AM   The male is at the nest, stomping around in it while the female observes from GBB roof.  The male flies to GBB, lands on the female, copulates, and drops down the the roof on the female's right.
9:22AM   1 adult soaring at 150' altitude between GBB and nest area.
9:29AM   1 adult in the nest.
10:44AM   Both adults on GBB roof facing north with male to the female's right.
12:22   1 adult on GBB roof.
1:35-230PM   1 adult on GBB roof.
2:40PM    Both adults on GBB roof, male to female's right and both now facing south.
2:58PM    The male launches and circles at 150' altitude above GBB while female preens on GBB roof.  The male ascends to 400' altitude.
3:02PM    Female still on GBB but the male is out of sight.

50 degrees, clear, sw breeze.
8:56AM   1 adult on GBB foor while the other is on the nest.
8:59AM   No birds on GBB but 1 still at the nest.
9:20AM   No birds visible.
9:27AM   1 adult standing in the nest.
9:40AM   Both adults on GBB roof, male to female's left.
10:57AM   Female on GBB roof.
1:23PM   1 adult carries prey past GBB and descends towards the nest.
2:00   No birds visible.
3:27PM   1 adult floating between GBB and FNB while other adult descends at high speed to land near but not on the nest.
4:47PM   1 adult on the nest.

Clear, 60 degrees, breeze indeterminate.
8:47AM   1 adult floating above the southeast corner of GBB while other adult is perched on the edge of the nest a couple of blocks away.
9:40AM   1 adult at the nest, moving around.
10:07AM   No birds visible.
10:23AM   1 adult at the nest.
10:45AM   Both adults floating and diving over GBB.  1 Adult then turns and ramped down to the nest.
11:33AM   1 adult launched from the nest and flapped off at canopy height toward FNB.
11:45AM   No birds visible.
2:38PM   1 adult at the nest.
3:36PM   No birds visible but at the sun's current angle, cannot see well enough around the nest.
4:14PM   1 adult soaring at 200' altitude between GBB and nest site.

Cloudy, 74 degrees, south breeze.
8:30AM   1 bird on GBB roof.
10:02AM   One adult on the nest, other not visible anywhere.
1:00-1:30PM   1 adult playing at 100-200' altitude, swooping and diving, roller-coaster like.
1:47PM   1 adult on GBB roof.
2:50-4:00PM   No birds visible.
4:23PM   1 adult on GBB roof.
4:34PM   No breeze but 1 adult soaring over GBB anyway.
4:49PM   Male on GBB roof facing north.  Breeze must have shifted.
4:56PM   No birds visible.
This day seems to be the start of incubation

Dark, damp, cloudy with mild temps. and south breeze.
10:00AM   No birds visible.
10:18AM   Adults mate on GBB roof.  Male lifts off and soars around while female preens.
10:19AM   No birds visible.
10:38-11:08AM   1 adult on GBB roof facing north.
12:35    No birds visible.
12:59    1 adult on GBB roof, looks like probably the female.
2:08PM    1 adult on GBB roof, looks like the male.
2:09-4:54PM    No birds visible.  (Cannot see into the nest in afternoon)

Overcast, humid, dark morning, partly cloudy afternoon
8:53AM   1 adult on GBB roof facing south
9:07AM   no birds visible
10:27-1139AM   1 adult on GBB roof
1:00PM   No birds visible
1:18PM   Preening famale on GBB roof
1:45PM   One adult soaring between GBB and nest at 70-100' altitude
2:04PM   1 adult on GBB roof.
2:05PM   Adult launched, circled and then descended toa  place 50 yards north of the nest.
3:17PM   Male on GBB rof, female on the nest.
4:10-4:16PM   Male circling GBB at 200' altitude with a rat.
4:16PM   Male with the rat dove down to the nest area.
5:00-5:05PM   Male soaring over GBB,

Light overcast, 70 degrees in the morning
8:41AM   1 adult on GBB roof.
9:08AM-1:20PM   No birds visible.
3:16PM    Adult female on GBB roof.
3:20PM    Female flew off GBB roof, went to the nest and exchanged incubating duties with the male.  The male flew off and landed on GBB and began preening.
4:57PM    No birds visible but cannot see into the nest in afternoon.

Clear sky, 70-96 degrees today
8:44AM   Both adults launch simultaniously from the nest.  Both head to GBB.  Female lands and male lands on female and copulates, lifts off and glides away.  Female remains on GBB.
9:30AM   Female still on GBB while male can be seen incubating at the nest.
10:47-11:43AM   Nothing visible.
12:08   One adult just landed out of sight in the center of the GBB roof.
1:26PM   Female on GBB roof preening, especially the base of the tail.
1:30PM   No birds in sight.
1:31PM   Female appears, gliding over GBB roof, sets wings, bores at high speed to the nest and lands there.  Male gets up off the nest and leaves, flying to BBB area.  Female settles into the nest.
1:33PM   Male glides from BBB to GBB, swoops and circles awhile, then disappears.
4:54PM   No birds visible.

Calm hazy morning, starting at 70 degrees.
8:35-10:15AM   Female on GBB roof.
10:15AM   Female launched and went to the nest, relieving the male, who then flew off.
No further observations this day.

Overcast sky, winteer-looking cloud surface, 65 degree morning.
9:06AM   1 adult on GBB roof.
9:30-10:00AM No birds visible.
12:12   1 adult on GBB roof.
2:15-2:37PM   No birds visible.
No observations between 2:37 and 4:45PM
4:47PM    1 bird on GBB roof.

Overcast, 74 degrees morning.
8:48AM-3:30PM   No birds visible.
3:40-4:30PM   1 adult on GBB roof.

Wet but light overcast morning, partly cloudy afternoon
9:05AM-12:00   No birds visible.
12:30   1 adult on GBB roof.  Bird launched and drifted north over 410.
1:19PM   1 adult on GBB roof, liiks like probably the male.
1:37-4:30PM   No birds visible.
4:42PM   1 adult on GBB roof.

9:00-11:30AM   No birds visible.
11:32AM   Male on GBB roof.
1:04PM   No birds visible.
2:12PM   Male back on GBB roof.
3:10PM   No birds visible.
4:05PM   Male on GBB roof.
4:48PM   1 adult on GBB roof, cannot tell which one.

North breeze, partly cloudy, 65 degrees.
8:55AM   No birds visible.
9:20AM   1 adult on GBB roof.
9:28AM   No birds visible.
9:32AM   1 adult on GBB roof.
10:20AM   Both adults at the nest.  Both just left, flew up, circled the nest and engaged in swooping.  One then returned to the nest.
1:16PM   No birds visible.
3:27-339PM    1 adult on GBB roof, looks like the male.
4:45PM   No birds visible.

Clear, 65-90 degrees, very calm morning.
8:14AM    No birds visible.
8:41AM    1 adult moving around on the nest.
8:45-11:00AM    No birds visible.
11:00AM    Female on GBB roof.
11:27-2:29    No birds visible outside the nest.
2:29PM    1 adult appeared at 75’ altitude soaring above the nest.  It soared northward, gaining altitude between GBB and FNB, dissapearing north of there.
2:30-5:00PM    No activity observed.

Clear sky, 70 degrees, south breeze.
8:44AM    1 adult on GBB roof, looks like the male.
9:00AM    Male launched and began gliding and hunting between nest and GBB but not enough lift without a lot of flapping.  Male returned to GBB , circled a few times, floating on the weak updraft against the building, 10-20’ above the roof.  He then glided down towards the nest, landing in a dark-leafed tree in front of the nest.  A grackle had followed the hawk during the glide.
9:13AM    Male moved from dark-leaved tree to the nest.  Female got off the nest and both launched, flying north toward FNB gaining altitude.
9:14AM    One adult breaks off flying, sets wings, and descends to the nest, landing directly on it.  Other adult drops down to GBB roof and turns out to be the larger female.(incubation swap time)
9:21AM    Female launched from GBB and finds, like the male previously, that the air is too still for good soaring and she returns. Landing on the center of the roof instead of the usual edge perch.
10:44AM    Another incubation swap.  The male, now relieved, finds adequate updrafts and glides to 150’ altitude, northward oveer loop 410 to hunt.
12:25    No birds visible.
1:19PM    1 adult soaring over GBB.
3:12PM    No birds visible.

75 degrees, light overcast, south breeze.
9:06AM-5:07PM    No birds visible the times I looked out the window.

Heavy overcast, damp, 75 degrees, going up to 92 degrees and partly cloudy.
8:20AM    No birds visible.
8:35AM    1 adult on GBB, looks like maybe the male.
9:03AM    No birds visible.
10:02AM    1 adult on GBB, looks like probably the female.
1:45-3:07PM    No birds visible.
4:05PM    1 adult brushed past south side windows of CBB and continued over to GBB, brushed the south side updrafts there, and cntinued east towards FNB.
4:48PM:    No birds visible.

Partly cloudy, 75 degrees, SE breeze.
8:34AM    1 adult on GBB.
8:46AM    No birds visible.
9:02-10:00AM    1 adult on GBB roof.
11:16AM    1 adult, probably the male, glides updrafts between GBB and CBB.  A male grackle chases part of the time.
12:49    1 adult on GBB roof.
2:55PM    No birds visible.

Overcast, south breeze, 77 degrees.
8:45-11:16AM    No birds visible.
11:16AM    1 adult soaring against GBB updrafts.
2:00PM    No birds visible.
2:10PM    1 adult on GBB roof.
2:16PM    The dault on the roof lifted off, floated, then turned north, going across loop 410.
2:20PM    Adult came drifting back and landed in a tree by the tile-roofed house 50 yards south of the nest.
2:26PM    A Blue Jay discovered the perching hawk and is making repeated lunges at it.
2:30PM    Adult perching in the tree dropped out of sight.
3:47PM    1 adult flapped low over the canopy above the nest, turned and landed at the nest.

Partly cloudy, 74 degrees, east breeze.
8:49AM    1 adult on GBB roof facing north.(not typical direction)
10:37AM    Same adult perched but now being pestered by a Mockingbird.
12:30    1 adult circling over loop 410-Nacagdoches intersection.
1:07-5:33PM    No birds visible.

Partly cloudy, 74 degrees, SE breeze.
8:53AM    1 adult on GBB roof.
11:56AM    No birds visible.
12:50    1 adult circling on updrafts above CBB while being chased by a grackle.
2:30PM    No birds visible.
4:34PM    1 adult on GBB roof.

Partly cloudy, 85 degrees, breezy.
8:53AM    No birds visible.
9:05AM    1 adult on GBB roof.
10:34AM-2:08PM    No birds visible.
No further observations this day.

Cloudy, 71 degrees, south breeze.
8:48AM    Female on GBB roof.
No further observations this day.

Partly cloudy, 75 degrees, south breeze.
8:58AM-5:00PM    No birds visible all day, must have looked out at the wrong times.

Partly cloudy, 77 degrees, stiff south breeze.
8:30-9:30AM    Both adults reported in the air at the same time by Stacy, a co-worker.
9:30AM-5:00PM    No birds visible.

Mostly cloudy, 76 degrees, SE breeze.
8:35-11:30AM    No birds visible.
1:15PM    1 adult glided past south side of CBB on updrafts.
1:20PM    No birds visible.
2:30-2:40PM    1 adult dive-bombing a buzzard that continued to soar back and forth near the nest.
3:55PM    Male is hunting low, back and foth past the nest.
4:46PM    No birds visible.

Cloudy, 77 degrees, breezy.
8:50AM    No birds visible.
10:05AM    1 adult hunting and diving just above the canopy.
10:10AM    The adult was able to get a mouse and soared back over to the nest, delivering it to the incubating adult at 10:18AM.11:00AM    Faint drizzle.
11:42AM    No birds visible.
3:35PM    1 adult circling at 150-200’ altitude, occasionally diving at a passing buzzard, and deflecting a pestering Kingbird or Mockingbird.

Dark, light drizzle.
8:39AM    No birds visible.
9:19AM    Light rain, no birds.
10:45AM    Rain over, light overcast, still no birds visible.
11:51AM    No birds visible.
1:30PM    1 adult soaring and being attacked by 2 grackles.
4:20PM    No birds visible.
4:45PM    No birds visible.

Partly cloudy, 77 degrees, SE breeze.
8:41AM    1 adult carrying a rat to the nest.  The rat’s long tail very visible.
9:05AM    No birds visible.
12:56    No birds visible.
3:19PM    1 adult gliding by south side of CBB, being chased by 2 grackles trying hard to keep up.
5:15PM    No birds visible.

76 degrees, overcast sky, SE breeze, going up to 98 degrees.  No activity visible without scope.
8:28AM   No birds visible.
11:39AM   No birds visible.
4:05PM   No birds visible.

77 degrees, cloudy to partly cloudy and breezy.
8:48AM   No birds visible.
10:52AM   No birds visible.
3:21PM   No birds visible.

8:50AM   No birds visible.
10:18AM   No birds visible.
11:18AM   1 adult circling at 125' altitude between GBB and CBB, then it landed on GBB roof.
11:22AM   Bird launched from GBB and climbed to good altitude, gliding over CBB, then toward the nest.  Meanwhile the mate is standing in the nest.
4:36PM   Male is hunting at low altitude(40-60'), between CBB and GBB; then between nest. GBB, and FNB, rising to canopy leven and up to 100' altitude.

8:29AM    Male on GBB roof while female is perched  on the rim of the nest facing north toward GBB.
8:53AM    Female settled back on the nest.
11:00AM-4:27PM    No birds visible.

Partly cloudy, 85 degrees, calm.
9:00AM    No birds visible.
9:21AM    1 adult on GBB roof.
9:48AM-4:54PM    No birds visible.

Partly cloudy, 76 degrees, SE breeze.
9:18AM   No birds visible.
10:19AM   1 adult flapping east to west 50 yards south of CBB towards Wells Fargo bldg., evidently hunting.
11:20AM-3:56PM   No birds visible.

Partly cloudy, 75 degrees, calm.
Big day. active white chicks showing momentarily, lots of activity at the nest.
8:32AM   Female on GBB roof.
8:35AM   Female launched and circled over to the nest, landing in an adjacent tree.  Male, on the nest looked up.
8:38AM   Female flew to nest.  Male got up and moved 8' over to a branch nearby while female settled on the nest.  Male glided over to an adjacent tree.
8:43AM   1 adult perches 10' from the nest, then flies over to a nearby but out of sight tree.
8:48AM   1 adult landed on GBB roof, looks like the male.  Other adult is back at the nest.
9:02AM   No birds on GBB roof but 1 adult perched 10' above the nest.  Other adult presumably settled down in the nest.  The bird perched above the nest launches and disappears.
9:03AM   1 adult on the rim of the nest, peering over at a bobbing white chick
9:20AM   Same adult stil bending over the nest and chick.
9:32AM   Male on GBB roof, female poking into the nest, chick not often visible above the rim of the nest.
9:59AM   Male gone from GBB roof.
10:16AM   Male back on GBB roof, nest no longer very visible at this sun's angle.
10:24AM   1 adult soaring 25-100' above roof of GBB, swooping and hovering, not hunting.
12:45   No birds visible.
2:09PM   1 adult moving on the nest.
230-404PM   No birds visible.

75 degrees, clear sky, calm morning.
Using high power scope today
8:35AM   1 adult perched 5' above the nest.
9:03AM   Both adults were at the nest, 1 perched above it, the other on the nest.  Then the bird perched above flew off.
9:14AM   Both adults back at the nest, 1 perched 3' above, other on the nest.
9:47AM   1 adult perched on the nest rim, other adult perched in a nearby tree and 2 chicks with white down in the nest.
9:48AM   Male flew off and landed on GBB roof, leaving the female moving around the nest rim.
12:44   1 adult moving around on the nest.
1:31PM   1 adult on the nest.
2:21PM   1 adult at the nest rim, bending over and moving a little.
3:40PM   No birds visible, nest view blocked by afternoon sun angle.

9:10AM   No birds visible.
9:14AM   1 adult on GBB roof, other at the nest edge with 2 whitish chicks.  Adult at the nest is preening.  The adult on the GBB roof has a rat in a talon.  It launches, sets wings, and glides rapidly down to land on the nest edge, delivering its rat.
9:49AM   While watching the nest with the scope, an adult just flew in and perched on the nest edge, bending down to inspect the chicks.
9:56AM   Male perched on the GBB roof.
10:03AM   Male just glided from GBB roof to the nest.  Female is on the nest while the male perches a few feet above.
10:52AM   1 adult with prey circling circling updrafts on the south side of CBB, drifting over and dissappearing, probably to eat a meal away from the nest.  Meanwhile 1 doting adult leans into the nest, attending the chicks.
11:38AM   1 adult on the nest and 1 chick moving.  Other adult not visible anywhere at the moment.
12:39   No birds visible other than the adult on the nest.
1:09PM   1 adult on the nest, other adult is ushering a buzzard out of the immediate territory using swoops and close passes.

76 degrees, almost clear, calm morning.
8:50AM   1 adult at the nest, chicks visible.  Remaining adult not visible.
8:56-9:22AM   Male on GBB roof, surveying the territory toward the nest.
9:40AM   Male gliding between GBB and nest with small prey, maybe a mouse or cicada.
9:58AM   Male is back on GBB roof.
10:06AM   Male circling at 150' altitude 50 yards  south of CBB, head down, casual hunting; rising to 200' altitude, then drifting east towards GBB, still rising to 250' altitude.  He surveyed loop 410, then circled around, returning to vicinity of GBB and made 2 deep 60' swoops with wings collapsed.  No prey.  The bird resumed gliding around GBB below roof level at about 60' altitude and drifted twoards FNB, then back to GBB where it landed around 1015AM with no prey.
10:16AM   Male launched from GBB, circled below roof level, then flapped and glided in still air overe loop 410 and further north.
11:20AM   No birds visible outside of the nest.
1:15PM   Male came swooping past a buzzard to move him away from the nest area.
No further observations this day.

8:11AM   No birds visible without the scope.
8:20AM   1 adult landed at the nest, delivered prey, and left.
8:42AM   Female is tearing up bits of prey at the nest and placing the bits by the chicks.  Male not visible.
8:48AM   Male floating 10' above south side of GBB on updrafts.
8:50AM   Male dissappeared, hunting somewhere.
12:24   1 adult hunting low around the nest, right at canopy tops.
3:00PM   Male appeared briefly soaring above GBB.
4:30PM   No birds visible.

76 degrees, partly cloudy, calm morning.
N scope setup today.
9:06AM   No birds visible.
9:11AM   1 adult soaring at 90' altitude at CBB south side
9:14AM   Adult descended to canopy level and proceeded to hunt 200 yards south of CBB.
11:41AM   No birds visible.
1:08PM   1 adult hunting100-300 yards south of CBB at 70-90' altitude.
1:09PM   Hunting adult disappeared, may have dove on something.
3:45PM   1 adult was gliding between GBB and the nest at canopy level and sometimes lower.  The bird hunted over the nest then plunged into the canopy at the nest.  Could not see if it landed at the nest or just nearby.(bad lighting on the nest in late afternoon)

76 degrees, partly cloudy, calm.  No scope setup today.
8:45-10:00AM   No birds visible.
10:03AM   1 adult soaring at 80' altitude 25-75 yards out from south side of CBB being pestered by a grackle.
12:19   1 adult soaring in updrafts against south side of CBB.
2:31PM   More soaring in CBB updrafts.
3:35PM   1 adult carrying a rat in updrafts of CBB, circled over to updrafts against GBB, then disappeared.

77 degrees, partly cloudy, se breeze.
8:55AM   Both adults floating above GBB.  This marks the first time this season the female feels like leaving the chicks for awhile.  Male banked west and headed over to CBB while female landed on GBB, floated up in updrafts, and landed softly again.  Male continued floating on updrafts at the other building(CBB), while female stayed put on GBB.
9:23AM   The adult pair engaged in formation flying round and round the GBB.  Both landed on GBB, then both flew off, drifting north over 410, still together.
9:45AM   Both adults returned as a pair.  The female landed in the center of GBB roof(unusual), while male floated in updrafts a few feet above the GBB south edge, eventually landing there.
11:33AM   Male glided over to GBB and landed on the GBB roof.
No further observations this day.

Partly cloudy, 77 degrees, humid, calm.
8:35AM   1 adult on GBB roof, other adult flapping-soaring hunting at 100' altitude southeast of GBB, occasionally pestered by grackles.
8:50AM   1 adult on GBB, other adult at the nest, one chick moving around.
9:05AM   1 acult precariously perched on top of a chinaberry tree just opposite the nest.  Chick is in the nest moving a little.  The other adult is not visible but could be around the backside of the nest and screened by foliage.
11:02AM   1 adult on GBB.
1:35PM   Male on GBB roof.
  Female at the nest.  Chicks are losing their white down.
1:50PM   No birds visible away from the nest.
2:58PM   Male glided by south side of CBB in updrafts at 60' altitude looking down and hunting.
3:19PM   Male on GBB roof edge.
4:30PM   Except for movements at the nest, no birds visible.

Light overcast, 71 degrees, calm.
8:50AM   1 adult on GBB.
9:19AM   No birds visible.
9:25AM   Both adults at GBB, 1 perching, 1 floating a few feet above the edge.  The floater has prey, it rapidly descends to the nest, deliveres the food, and returns to GBB where the adults copulate.  ! adult then launches and glides down to the nest tree, lands at the nest and looks around, launches and pumps back to GBB roof.  meanwhile the other adult that was on GBB has left and is gliding north over loop 410, back to hunting.
9:36AM   Male is back on GBB.  Female is on the nest edge picking apart prey for the chicks.  Chicks still have white heads but  now have brown wings with 2 to 4 inch brown feathers on them.
9:46AM    Both adults on GBB roof edge.  Chicks at the nest are active, looking around and shuffling  in the nest.  Still two chicks present.
10:21AM    1 adult on GBB.
11:55AM    No adults visible.
1:40PM    1 adult with small mouse-size prey drifting toward the nest from the CBB-GBB area.  The other adult is circling at 100-200' altitude east of the nest.
3:05PM    A rain shower is approaching.  1 adult is gliding-hunting from 100-150' altitude north and east of the nest but south of FNB.  This adult has a cicada-size prey in a claw that it eats from about once every half minute.  As rain approaches, the adult  plunged down into the trees close to last year's nest.  That would be about 100 yards north of the current nest.
No further observations this day.

Partly cloudy, 68 degrees.
8:50AM   Both adults on GBB roof.
8:51AM   The male launches and hunts in the canopy top 100-300 yards west of the nest.
9:01AM   The huting male has drifted all the way back to FNB, then GBB.  There, the female launched from GBB and joined the male in circling GBB at 7th floor level.  Chicks are moving around in the nest while the adults glide around and around GBB, then drift north across loop 410.
9:03AM   The female is back on GBB while the male circles west at 150' altitude above GBB.
9:06AM   Male has drifted west over to CBB where the female, launched from GBB joins the male at 100' altitude, both looking down hunting.  Both birds glide-flap at 75-90' altitude between GBB and Wells Fargo bldg, looking down hunting.
9:10AM   No adults visible.
9:15AM   Female lands on GBB without prey, male is stil not visible.
9:17AM   Male returns without prey and lands on GBB.  Both face north but look over their shoulder towards the nest.  Chicks are shifting around in the nest.
9:23AM   Both adults launch and formation fly around and around GBB.  Female lands  on GBB aftere several circles, then launchesd again, joining the male as they circle-drift north over loop 410 at BBQ, then NW towards Tesoro bldg.
9:33AM   1 adult appears floating above GBB with prey.  It picks at the prey while floating, then sets wings for the nest.  Prey had at leat 4 appendages and may have been a pair of  objects rather than a single object.  The bird used both talons in securing it.  The prey took 40 minutes to aquire, longer than usual.
9:57AM   Chicks are moving slightly.  Adults are not visible.
10:25AM   Female on GBB facing asouth and the nest.
11:02AM   Male soars in updrafts of CBB with a large baby bird as prey.  Male lands on GBB, presents the prey to the female who picks it up and together both launch and circle GBB at 7th floor level.  After several minutes the male lands on GBB roof while the female glides down to the nest, delivering the large baby bird to the chicks.  The adult female stays at the nest for several minutes.
11:57AM   No adults visible.
2:30PM   Chicks are active.  1 adult in the nest.  It launches and flies over to GBB where it is joined from the air by the other adult.  They corcle GBB together for 1 revolution then land on the roof edge.  The female lands first, male landing a good distance to the female's right.  The male floats back up, over to the female, drops down on top of her and copulates, then drops down nest to her.  Thundershowers in the area.
2:37PM   Both adults are gone somewhere.  Gusty south breeze from nearby showers.
3:25PM   Both adults are at 100-150' altitude playing in the updrafts far above the office buildings.  Dark sky as rain is near.  One adult sets wings and makes a long high speed glide to check on the chicks, lookks down, wheels around and returns to the building updrafts.  Adults alternate from playing in GBB updrafts to playing in CBB updrafts.  Eventually they both glide back to GBB occasionally setting down and then floating again.
3:30PM   1 adult peeled off and set wings for the nest area, landing at high speed 100 yards north of the nest in thick canopy.
4:45PM   Both adults alternately glide and perch on the GBB south side foof edge with its updrafts.

Partly cloudy, 73 detrees, calm.
8:46AM   1 adult on GBB roof.
9:54AM   Both adults on GBB roof.
11:13AM   Raining but 1 adult still on GBB roof edge.  Other adult is on the nest, sheltering chicks.
11:39AM   No birds visible, rain has subsided to a drizzle.
1:00PM   Rain over.
1:45PM   Roving rain showers but not raining at the moment.  No adult hawks visible but alittle movement at the nest.  May be an adult there back behind screening foliage.
No further observations this day.  Happy fourth of July.

Mid-level cloud overcast, showers yesterday, 71 degrees, slight breeze.
No scope used today.
8:11AM   Both adults on GBB roof.
8:48AM   Both adults launch from GBB and glide-flap east towards FNB.
9:04AM   1 adult on GBB.
10:55AM   Female flew past CBB, then GBB, then on to the nest deliveing prey.  She landed directly on the nest edge.  Meanwhile the male perches on GBB.
12:25   No birds visible.
12:45   Female perched on GBB,  Male is fooling around soaring back and forth nearby.
1:34PM   Both adults following each other, flapping and soaring around and round mGBB at about 7th floor level, then formation flying, swoping and diving with wingovers at about 100-150' altitude 200 yards SE of GBB.  The birds are doing numerous short drops with wings completely clamped tight against their chests.  The pair then peeled off at about 60mph to the Tesoro Tower area on a high speed glide.
1:40PM   While the pair was wheeling and swooping over there, a Turkey Vulture drifting east began approaching the nest area.  Both adults broke off soaring and set a glide of about 30mph against the wind back towards the nest area to intercept the vulture.  By that time though the vulture's route  had drifted a little away from passing close to the nest and so the hawks resumed wheeling and gliding, but closeer to FNB.
1:47PM   The adults are still soaring together, now 300 yards west of the nest and veering back towards GBB.  Then they went into formation flying  at GBB, just 6' apart, even through the swoops.
1:57PM   No birds visible.  Roving rain showers developing on the horizon.
2:35PM   Heavy rain shower, some thunder.
4:04PM   Very dark, sprinkling, no birds visible.
4:51PM   Rain and thunder.

Cloudy to partly cloudy with low clouds, 73 degrees, nearly calm.
8:45AM   No birds visible.
10:00AM   Female on GBB roof.
10:29AM   No birds visible.
10:33AM   Female is back on GBB roof.
2:00-2:15PM   Heavy rainshower, very dark, even a nighthawk flying around.
2:30PM   More rain
3:00PM   Rain overm both adults formation flying near GBB.
3:54PM   1 adult on GBB roof.

No moening observations.
Afternoon is partly cloudy. mid 80s temperature, humid, light SE breeze.
12:00   1 adult on GBB roof.
12:02   No birds visible.
1:09PM   1 adult soaring between GBB and 200 yards south of GBB at 100-200' altitude.
2:15-3:08PM   No birds visible.
No futher observations today.

Partly cloudy, 74 degrees, humid, SE breeze.  No scope used today either.
8:56AM   No birds visible.
9:01AM   Both adults just arrived at GBB.  The female landed on roof while the male began circling at roof level.  The male landed on the female and copulated, then hopped down to perch to the female's left.  The next three minutes were occupied with the female doing a lot of tail feather preening.
9:16AM    Female remains on GBB roof but male has left.
9:20AM    1 adult floating just above GBB roof edge, other out of sight.
11:20AM    No birds visible.
4:15PM    1 adult floating 20' above GBB roof.
5:05PM    Both adults perch side by side on GBB roof.

Partly cloudy, light south breeze, 75 degrees.  Scope set up today.
8:48AM   Female on GBB roof, just launched, flapped 200 yards south in dead air, turned around, and flapped back to GBB.
8:58AM   Both adults floating above GBB on updrafts.  There is a large chick at the nest, now two thirds the size of the adults and nearly fuly feathered with brown feathers.
10:36AM   No birds visible.
11:02AM   Two men on GBB roof, pointing at the red aircraft warning lights. One adult floating over a corner of GBB, two young visible at the nest.
12:37   Both adults are hunting south of GBB.  The two chicks at the nest are just about entirely brown and pigeon-sized or larger.  They are sitting o opposite sides of the nest rim.  Adults are at canopy heights, heads down doing some serious hunting independently of each other in the same area as the nest.  The male is missing a tail feather while the female is missing a left wing primary feather so it is molting season.
1:14-2:45PM   No birds visible.
4:26PM    1 adult soaring between BBB & GBB.  Chicks are moving around at the nest but staying in the shade, not very visible.  

Clear sky, 74 degrees, no scope used today.
8:50AM   No birds visible.
9:03AM   1 adult just landed on GBB and was still there at 9:15.  Dead air.
10:30AM   1 adult gliding along the south face of CBB
10:40-11:43AM   1 adult perched on GBB.
12:39-1:46PM  No birds visible.
4:33PM    Male is flapping and gliding west to east 300 yards south of CBB, being pestered by a Western Kingbird.

Almost clear, 75 degrees, light south breeze.  No scope today.
8:38AM    No birds visible.
9:22AM    1 adult on GBB, other adult circling within 25 yards.
9:53AM-4:07PM    No birds visible. 
4:04PM   1 adult riding thermals south of GBB, rising from 150' to 400' altitude.  Lost track of the bird, expect it kept rising.

Partly cloudy, 75 degrees, almost calm.
8:55AM   Both adults on GBB roof.
9:03AM   Both adults launched and attempted to soar in nearly dead air.  Male went up to 125' altitude, female went just to 90' altitude.  female is heavier and returned to GBB roof after only a minute's effort.  The male continued soaring, but only over the limited updraft against the side of GBB.  He too landed after another minute as air went completely dead.
9:29AM   No birds visible.
11:02AM   1 adult on GBB.  Cloudy with high clouds.
12:20   Both adults circling at 80' altitude between GBB, FNB, and nest.  Female could barely stay up in the stil air and slowlycircled towards the tile-roofed house south of the nest where she entered the canopy and did not come out.  Meanwhile the male drifted north over loop 410.
4:15PM   No birds visible.

Partly cloudy, 76 degrees, calm.  Using the scope today.
8:34AM   1 adult on GBB.
8:41AM   Two nearly grown young perched in the nest tree above the nest.  Photographed those immediatly.  Both adults are perched on GBB, facing the nest, several hundred yards away.  The young are nearly fully grown, lacking only about an inch of feather growth on the outer wing primaries.
8:50AM   Female on GBB, male went off hunting.
9:03AM   Both adults have left.  There is a third hawk at the nest, in the nest cup that I believe is another young one rather than an adult.
9:31AM   1 adult glided past the south facing windows of CBB, 10' out from the building on updrafts at 6th floor level.
10:05AM   1 adult is soaring 100 yards south of CBB at 100' altitude.  The two big young are perched in the outermost branches of the nest tree and one is pumping his wings for excercise and balance.  The third young is perched a little loweer than the other two.
10:11AM   All young back down around the nest in the shade.  No adults visible.
10:55AM   Male is hunting at 100-125' altitude between  CBB, BBQ, and FNB.
1:37PM   No adults visible.  1 young visible at the front of the nest, others are further back in the shade.
2:25-4:31PM   Except for slight movement around the nest, no birds visible.

Partly cloudy, calm, 76 degrees.
8:14AM   Both adults on GBB roof, male to female's left and both facing south as usual.  1 young perched just above the nest and in the open.
8:51-9:05AM   Adults still on GBB.
9:37AM    No adults visible but young are moving around a bit but staying in the nest tree.
10:49AM    No birds visible.  Young have moved back into the shade by the nest.
No change the remainder of the day.

Partly cloudy, calm, 76 degrees.  No scope today.
8:59AM   No birds visible.
9:07AM   1 adult on GBB roof.
9:30-11:09AM    No birds visible.
11:23AM    Still no adults visible but binoculars shows 1 of the young around the nest.
1:52PM    Workers are on GBB roof, setting up window washing cables.  No birds visible.  Sky has cleared.
3:40-3:48PM  No birds visible but pretty day now.

Clear sky, calm, 68 degrees.
8:50AM    1 adult glided past CBB and continued towards GBB where it landed.
9:54AM-2:44PM    No birds visible.          
2:44PM    1 adult is hunting at 80-100' altitude 75 yards south  of the nest, drifting west and rising up to 150' altitude.
3:13PM    Female is on GBB roof but some distance back from the edge.  This is not common.  She is molting on the sides and back.
3:50PM    1 adult is soaring over GBB.

Partly cloudy, east breeze, 74 degrees.  Hurricane Dolly supplying the east breeze.  Scope used today.
8:46AM   Both adults on GBB roof.
9:05AM   Female still on GBB roof but male is floating 10' above the roof.  No birds visible at the nest, the young have left the nest!  Both adults are formation flying above GBB.  Female still has the missing primary feather.  Both adults rose to 250-300', seperated somewhat, and floated 200 yards south of GBB.  Hurricane has caused a wind shift from east to northeast.
11:25AM   1 adult on GBB roof.  No evidence of the young either at the nest tree or in the vicinity.
12:09   Both adults on GBB roof, overcast skies, still no sign of the whereabouts of the young.
12:37AM   Female is on GBB, male is off hunting somewhere.
12:40   Female launched, rose to 250' altitude(high for her), over the nest, then returned to GBB roof just as  the male returned from the north.  The male did not immediately land but remained floating on GBB udrafts.
12:50    Female launched and joined the male in floating at the edge of the building.  The male then left, going east and north while the female continued to drift about just above roof level.  Then the female set her wings and ramped down into the canopy 25 yards north of the tile roof house.(about 100 yards south of the nest tree).  This should be the location of the young at the moment.
2:45PM   Rain shower has started.  The male appeared over GBB and then glided to the nest area, then ramped down into the canopy 25 yards north of the nest tree.  Remaining hawks are not visible.
3:00PM   Rain has stopped, no birds visible.
3:32PM   1 adult on GBB roof, no other hawks visible.

Dark, heavy overcast, wet.  Rain predicted from hurricane Dolly, 72 degrees.
8:56AM   1 juvenile located on a dead limb, very close to where the female had entered the canopy yesterday.  This dead limb is an extension of the tree holding last year's nest  The remaining hawks are not visible.
9:00AM   The juvenile has moved back out of sight.
9:17AM   Drizzle has started, then rain.  Very dark with car headlights on and some streetlights as well.
11:25AM   Still dark, intermittent drizzle.
1:03PM   Rain is over and sky brightening but no birds wisible.
2:15PM   More rain.
3:09PM   Even more rain, no birds visible.
3:45PM   Drizzle now.
4:00PM   Rain over.
4:58PM   Both adults on GBB roof.