Observation Log 2007
GBB=Gauranty Bank building
FNB=Frost Bank building
CBB=Chase Bank building
BBB=Broadway Bank Building
BBQ=Bill Miller BBQ

4:44PM 1 adult on GBB roof.  This may mark the return for the 2007 season.

no Swainson’s Hawks seen in the loop 410 Nacagdoches area.

3:31PM 1 adult hovering in good updrafts against CBB.  This would be the conservative return date.

male adult Swainson’s is soaring high over GBB, not hunting

both adults circling all day above GBB.  Circling is mostly done in unison, as one bird wheels, so does the other.  The smaller male is usually slightly higher in altitude.

8:46 both adults perched on south side of GBB roof, beautiful, clear sunny morning.
9:01 both adults took off and soared; first 1 block south of GBB, then 1 block southwest of GBB, swooping at 100-300’ altitude, not hunting, just enjoying flying.

2:pm 1 bird soaring south of GBB
4:30PM 1 adult on GBB roof

8:35 no birds visible
8:40 one adult circling roof of GBB
9:00-9:20 no birds visible
9:22 one adult on the GBB roof
11:25 one adult on GBB roof
1:05PM one adult still on GBB roof
2:07PM roof bird is gone
2:11PM male is soaring past GBB at 50’ altitude.  Drifted east and north of GBB
2:55PM one adult back on GBB roof
2:56 both adults both adults soaring around GBB, landed on roof and copulated at 2:58PM
2:59PM One bird left, the other stepped back barely visible, may have sat down
3:05PM both adults in the air near GBB, one lands at 3:07
3:35PM one adult still on GBB roof

2:00PM both adults perched on GBB roof, south side, despite intermittent heavy falling mist and drizzle earlier most of the morning

8:42 both adults gliding against edge of GBB. One fighting his reflections in the top floor windows
9:26 1 bird soaring against side of CBB
11:28 both adults soaring against CBB
3:30PM 1 bird on GBB south side
3:33PM both adults soaring parallel to top floor of GBB.  One adult doesn’t like his reflection and grabs at it.
3:49PM both adults gliding against south side of CBB

8:40 both adults perched on GBB roof, south side
1:43PM both birds soaring 25-50 yards south of CBB

11:05 1 bird on GBB roof while mate soars just 30’ above the perched bird
12:45 both birds circling at 80’ altitude around BBB, then over loop 410

8:47 both adults on roof of GBB.  Damp dark day, heavy falling mist.
10:30 1 bird visible on GBB roof
2:43PM 1 adult soaring at 200’ altitude 100 yards south of GBB
3:42PM 1 adult soaring against south side of GBB
4:35PM 1 adult back on GBB roof

10:41 1 adult swooping past the south side of CBB
12:44 both adults soaring20-100 yards south of GBB at 100-150’ altitude

10:15 1 bird soaring on updrafts against south side of GBB
10:22 second bird came off the roof of CBB, glided over to GBB and landed on that roof.  Other adult still soaring around GBB
11:35 1 adult soaring 25 yards south of GBB at 120’ altitude
4:00PM 1 bird soaring 25 yards south of a line between GBB and CBB

9:45 1 bird on BGG roof, other adult soaring around GBB
11:21 both adults soaring along south facing side of GBB
3:30PM both birds soaring 100 yards north of BBB-Taco Cabana line
4:04PM female soaring between GBB and CBB

10:50 1 bird on GBB roof

2:27PM both adults on GBB roof, heavy rain earlier this morning.
4:46PM 1 bird on GBB roof

8:50 1 bird on roof
3:58PM 1 bird gliding at 200’ altitude 100 yards south of GBB while other adult rests on GBB roof

11:20 1 bird on roof of GBB

Neither bird visible all day. 

no birds seen all day

10:03 1 bird on GBB roof for 1st time this morning
4:30 PM 1 bird hunting between BBQ and Tesoro buidings
4:50PM 1 bird on GBB roof

8:32-9:05AM    One adult on GBB roof
9:20AM    Adult launches and soars over the roof edge, then returns and lands, same place.
9:21-11:47    One adult remains on GBB roof
11:47AM    Adult hops away from edge and out of sight, possibly in a gutter.
4:00-5:00PM    One adult on GBB roof edge   

10:30 1 bird on GBB roof, gone by 11:00
2:35PM 1 bird on roof again
4:00PM 1 bird on roof
4:45PM both adults soaring over GBB building

8:30-9:30 no birds
10:18 1 bird on GBB roof
1:30PM 1 adult wheeling steeply near treetop at the tile roof house(in front of distant transmission towers), then landed in the canopy.(nestsite for this season)  This was preceded by the other adult comimg to the landing site at a low angle and high speed
3:25PM 1 adult soaring at 100-300’ altitude from GBB to 200 yards south
347PM 1 bird on roof
4:30PM female landed near last years nest, then launched and soared to about 400’ above GBB.

8:36-9:15 1 adult on GBB roof
9:55 bird launched and glided over loop 410 toward Tesoro towers & BBQ area
10:00-10:50 no birds visible anywhere, presumably perched near ground or in a shade tree.
10:55 1 bird returned to the GBB roof
11:35 no birds visible
12:51 1 bird on GBB roof
2:15PM no birds visible
2:20PM 1 bird back on GBB roof
2:22PM bird on roof retreated 2’ back from the edge and is barely visible, possibly sitting down or in a trough
2:37PM roof bird preening underside of wings

8:45 no birds visible
9:00-11:30 1 bird on GBB roof
4:00PM 1 adult soaring at 100-300’ altitude
4:30PM 1 adult back on GBB roof

8:35 1 bird on roof
10:15 1 bird soaring at 50-100’ altitude 25-100 yards south of GBB, hunting, then drifted over GBB at 150’ altitude continuing north to BBQ area
2:02PM both adults hunting 500 to 800 yards south of CBB.  One dove 3 times by the cell phone tower.  Both moving off east, still hunting, towards big water tower
4:15PM both birds gliding around GBB roof, then landed and copulated on the roof.

9:00 no birds visible
9:05 1 bird on GBB roof
2:00 no birds visible
2:05PM 1 bird on roof of GBB
2:07PM1 adult glided up and spiraled over loop 410, then NE a considerable distance toward the cement plant on Thousand Oaks, then dropped to hunting altitude
2:20-2:40PM 1 adult soared between GB and BBB, landing on GBB.
4:00-4:30 1 bird perching on GBB

Dark morning
9:00-9:37AM    No birds visible
9:37AM    One adult on GBB roof.
10:27-1:15PM    No birds visible as rain moves in.
2:22-4:30PM    One adult back on GBB roof

8:45AM    One adult on GBB roof
10:00AM    No birds visible
1:00PM    One bird soaring at 60’ altitude 100 yards south of GBB.
3:15PM    Both adults soaring in unison in tight circles around GBB.
3:17PM    Female broke off circling and returned to the nest.  The male continued circling a minute, then landed on GBB roof.
4:30PM    No birds visible.

8:45-917AM    No birds visible
9:18AM    One adult on GBB roof.
10:25AM    One adult doing tight circles at 50-75’ altitude around GBB.  It lands on GBB roof at 10:28AM.
10:30AM    Other adult shows up on the roof then immediately launches and goes to the nest.
3:03PM    One adult swoops low over the nest then lands there.
3:10PM    Both adults are soaring in unison around GBB, then the female peels off and returns to the nest.  The male soars over toward BBB, then back to GBB, circles some more and lands on GBB at 3:13PM

Dark day, intermittent drizzle
9:15AM    One adult alternately perching on GBB roof and soaring between GBB and nest
9:30-4:00PM    No birds visible.
4:00PM    One adult alternately soaring and perching on GBB roof.
4:15PM    One adult launched from GBB and began hunting low over trees 100 yards south of GBB.

Dark and raining this day
No birds seen all day

8:30-10:30AM    No birds visible
10:30AM    One adult on GBB roof
11:00-1:45PM        No birds visible
3:15PM    One bird hunting 100-200 yards south of GBB at 40-80’ altitude.
4:37PM    One adult gliding against south side of Chase bldg.

8:30-2:44PM    No birds visible
4:37PM    One bird on GBB roof

8:35AM    No birds visible
10:53AM    One adult on GBB roof while the other is soaring 30’ above the roof.
12:30    Male is circling at 80’ altitude over BBQ and BBB.
1:41PM    One adult on GBB roof

8:30AM    No birds visible
8:38AM    One adult on GBB roof
No birds visible remainder of the day.

8:30-10:30AM    No birds visible
11:00AM    Both adults circle GBB in formation, then at 11:04, female peeled off and descended to the nest.  The male continued to circle GBB a few minutes, then drifted to the north.
11:45-2:30PM    No birds visible.
No further observations this day.

Very dark morning. Streetlights on through lunch hour.
8:45-12:00    No birds visible
1:11PM    One adult on GBB roof
1:30PM    No birds visible
No further observations this day

8:30-1:00PM    One adult on GBB roof entire time
2:00-5:00PM    No birds visible

8:40AM    Female adult circling GBB
9:38AM    No birds visible
10:40AM    One adult with prey circling low between BBQ and Tesoro bldgs.  The bird gradually worked upward between GBB, BBQ, and Tesoro, still with its prey.
10:45AM    Same bird with same prey crosses loop 410 and soars around GBB, then at 10:50, dives to the nest with the prey.
No birds observed the remainder of the day.

8:45-1:50PM    No birds visible
1:56PM    One adult barely visible on GBB roof doing lots of preening.
3:00PM    Both adults circling GBB at 90’ altitude.  Female departs for the nest.
5:15PM    One adult circling GBB at only 30’ altitude.

8:50-10:06AM    No birds visible
no further observations this day

No hawks seen all day

8:45-2:54PM    No hawks seen during this period
No further observations this day

No birds visible all day

8:45-9:25AM    No birds visible
9:26AM    One adult soaring against south-facing side of Chase Bldg.
No further observations this day
9:00AM    One adult on GBB roof being pestered by a pair of kingbirds.  These force the hawk into the air.  It circles GBB for a few minutes.
9:30-9:45AM    No birds visible.
9:45AM    One bird on GBB roof is chased off roof by a little bird.
12:00    One adult with a rat in its claws is soaring against Chase bldg. for a minute.   

Dark morning with lightning.
9:10AM    No birds visible
9:30-10:20AM    Heavy rain, no birds visible
10:20-3:00PM        Drizzle and still dark, no birds.
4:00PM    One adult visible huddled down on GBB roof

No birds visible all day

No birds visible all day

8:30-12:00    No birds visible.
12:00    One adult circling GBB at about 4th floor level
No further observations this day.

8:30AM    No birds visible
8:57AM    One adult carrying prey, passes GBB and heads on set wings for the nest, being chased by a grackle.
1:00-2:15PM    No birds visible
2:15-2:46PM    One adult on GBB roof.
No further observations this day

9:00-9:30AM    Both adults on GBB roof, female occasionally circling the building.
10:30AM    One adult left on the roof.
11:30AM    Both adults circling GBB in formation.  Female lands and Male lands on top of the female and copulates.
12:30PM    One adult on GBB roof.
1:30PM    Both adults on GBB roof
3:00-3:15PM    No birds visible
3:40PM    Both birds land on GBB roof, female first.
4:20PM    One adult on GBB roof.
4:21PM    An approaching rain shower reaches within 100 yards of the nest before the female launches from GBB and bee-lines for the nest, landing there in the tree canopy.

8:45-9:20AM     No birds visible.
9:25AM    One adult on GBB roof.
9:35AM    Other adult arrives.  Both began formation flying around the roof.  Female lands and male lands on female, copulates, then settles next to the female.
9:55AM    One adult visible on GBB roof.
10:30AM    Female launches and heads for the nest but on arriving turns northeast hunting at treetop level to FNB.  She then rises on a thermal to 100’ altitude and glides back to GBB roof. And preens.
10:31AM    Male arrives on the GBB roof edge.
10:35AM    Male launches, circles the building twice and lands again.
10:38AM    Male leaves and goes off hunting, female adult stays on GBB roof.
2:30PM    Female is on GBB roof.  Rain is moving in again.  Female preens feathers at base of tail, then walks away from roof edge.
2:38PM    Both adults on GBB roof, side by side.  Female is still preening base of tail feathers.
2:40PM    One adult visible on GBB roof.
2:57PM    Raining, no birds visible
3:30PM    Rain stops but birds do not reappear this day.

8:30AM    No birds visible
10:00AM    One adult on GBB roof.
10:17AM    The second adult appears gliding over GBB.  It circles several times, then leaves and disappears.
12:35-2:50PM    No birds visible
2:55PM    Female lands on GBB roof.  Male appears gliding over the nest and continues to GBB where it lands on the female and slides off her to perch at her side.  The female preens the base of her tail feathers.
3:15PM    Male has left GBB roof, female still there.
4:20PM    Both adults together on GBB roof.
5:00PM    One adult left on GBB roof.

8:45-10:19AM    Both adults on GBB roof
10:57AM    One adult on GBB roof.
11:02AM    Both adults floating on updrafts on the side of GBB, then formation flying around GBB.
11:05AM    One adult drifted over by FMB and disappeared while other bird remained circling GBB for a minute, then climbed to 300’ above GBB and also disappeared from view.
12:03-2:20PM    No birds seen
2:25PM    Male on GBB roof
2:30-4:30PM    No birds visible
4:33PM    Both adults on GBB roof

9:00AM    Both adults on GBB roof
9:30-10:30AM    No birds visible
10:43AM    Both adults on GBB roof edge.
11:00AM    Female remains on GBB roof, male is gone.
11:45AM    No birds visible
1:30PM    One adult on GBB roof.
4:45PM    One adult on GBB roof.

8:45AM    One adult on GBB roof.
9:35AM    Male adult hovers over GBB, being attacked by a kingbird.  It finally glides toward the nest and lands in the dead tree near the nest.
11:20AM    No birds visible.
1:56PM    One adult barely visible toward the center of GBB roof.
4:10PM    Female present on GBB roof edge.

8:45-10:00AM     No birds visible
10:15AM    Both adults on GBB roof.  Male launched and drifted over the nest, then back past GBB to Loop 410 and on north.  Female remained on GBB roof.
10:20AM-4:30PM     No birds visible.
4:45PM    One adult on GBB roof, appears to be the female.

Warm sunny day
9:00-2:00PM    No birds
2:15PM    1 adult on GBB roof but back from the edge.
2:16PM    The adult on GBB launched and flew toward FNB as the other adult flew from the nest area to join it.
2:19PM    Both adults soaring over FNB, almost in formation.  They soon rose to 300’ altitude with the male staying about 50’ above the female.  They then continued to rise to 400’ altitude while drifting northwest toward Tesoro bldg.
2:25PM    Female has landed on GBB roof edge.
2:26PM    Male lands on the center of BGG roof
2:35PM    No birds visible.

No birds visible today
Noon-5:00PM    rain

8:30-10:05AM    No birds seen.
10:05AM     A man uses a ladder on GBB roof to check the airplane warning lights on the corners of the roof.  Two workers and a supervisor look at the south edge of the roof.  Much pointing and arm waiving by the supervisor.  One worker gets on his stomach and leans over the edge, looking down at the side of the building.  Supervisor points at the building’s corners and orders the workers to do something.  All three walk back to the center of the roof and descend back into the building.
10:27AM    Roving shower brings drizzle.
10:45AM    Break in wet weather, blue sky comes through.
1:35PM    One adult bird drops down onto the roof.
1:42PM    Male adult drifts from GBB to nest area, then at treetop level continues southwest hunting for birds or insects.
1:45PM    One adult banks along the side of GBB, then both adults begin formation flying, circling from GBB to 200’ altitude, then drift SW 200 yards.  The female breaks off and glides south to hunt among canopy trees while the male goes back to circling above GBB.  The female is getting very ragged looking with some missing wing primaries and some missing tail feathers.
1:50PM    No birds visible.
2:20PM     Drizzle starts.
4:00PM    Drizzle stops
4:50PM    Both adults lazily circling GBB, then land side by side on GBB roof edge.

11:45AM    light rain
12:20AM    rain eased off to a misty drizzle
2:00PM    Adult female on GBB roof
3:00PM    both adults on GBB roof
4:50PM    no birds visible

Dark dreary day with lots of rain predicted.
11:30AM    Rain begins.
12:00    Heavy rain
12:45    Light rain
No birds all day

9:00AM-1:10PM    Beautiful morning but no birds visible.
1:10PM    One bird flapping around the nest branches
3:45PM thunder
3:50PM    sheets of heavy rain
4:30:PM    rain stopped
5:00PM    No birds seen on GBB roof today.   

8:45AM    Dark, overcast & wet.  No birds on GBB roof but one in dead tree by nest
11:45AM    Still no birds on GBB roof but bird near nest is also out of sight.
2:20PM    One bird preening in the dead tree by the nest

8:45AM    One adult, probably the male is perched in a dead tree by nest.
10:45AM    Both adults are on the edge of GBB roof with heads turned toward the nest.  One juvenile, fully grown, is clamboring in the dead tree by the nest.
11:40AM    No birds visible
2:15PM    Both adults back on GBB roof.
2:30PM     No birds visible
4:30-4:45PM    Both adults on GBB roof while juvenile is flapping in the dead tree at the nest.
4:45-5:15PM    Both adults soaring together, juvenile still in the tree.


8:45AM    One adult circling tight against GBB, drifted north over 410
9:00-11:00AM    no birds visible
11:00AM    one adult on GBB roof
11:01AM    no birds visible
11:17AM    Male on GBB roof
11:58AM    Male on GBB roof edge.  Female adult soaring just above the roof.  A kingbird is pestering the female as she lands out of sight in the center of the roof.  Male adult move back there also.
1:20-1:45PM    Female is on GBB roof edge watching the nest area.

8:45-12:30    No birds visible
12:35    A kingbird is swooping around the middle of GBB roof indicating one or more adult hawks present but out of sight.  Juvenile is not visible anywhere.
2:25PM    One adult head peering over GBB roof towards the nest
2:33PM    Female on GBB roof.  Male is by the nest in a dead tree.
2:34PM    Male disappears from the tree.  Female left GBB roof and descended to nest area behind rightmost dead tree
2:37PM    Two birds occasionally moving from treetop to treetop near the nest.  Suspect one is an adult, the other the juvenile following.
2:38-4:45PM    No birds visible

9:58AM    The male carries a rat to a treetop near the nest, placing it in the uppermost twigs, then flies off.  Juvenile is forced to fly up to it and balance on the tiny twigs.  This it accomplishes as with some wing flapping while it eats the rat.  Camera battery is dead.
10:10AM    Juvenile has finished the rat and flies back down to the rightmost of two dead trees and begins preening.
2:10PM    The adult female appears with small prey and does tight circles over the nest.  Unable to get the juvenile’s attention, she drifts over the GBB, then over the CBB with the prey.
2:12PM    Female returns to the nest area with the prey and does a steep dive, leveling off in the canopy trees around the nest.  She swerves around the trees and does not reappear in the sky.
2:35PM    One of the adults appears over CBB with a very large dead bird, looks like a Whitewing Dove.  The hawk circles GBB, then drifts to Tesoro bldgs, then back to CBB where it appears to land on or near the roof.
2:45PM     Other adult appears over the nest with very small prey, possibly a cicada.  After circling the nest, the bird ascends to 200’ altitude, then dissappears with its prey.
2:47PM    The adult female appears flying through the canopy near the nest.  It ascends and flies north towards GBB without its prey.  It must have dropped it off for the juvenile.  She continues gaining altitude to about 200’, then sets her wings and glides down rapidly to the area between BBB and Tesoro bldgs.
2:55PM    Adult male is a spec at 1000’ altitude above GBB.
3:02PM    Male, still circlin, descends to about 400’ over GBB.
3:12PM    Male drops to about 125’ altitude and glides back and forth between BBB and Tesoro bldg. while adult female perches on GBB roof.
3:15PM    Female looks in the direction of the nest, walks to the rof edge, launches and glides off toward FNB
3:30-5:00PM no birds visible

8:45AM    Adult female is perched in the topmost branches of the tree by the nest where the dead rat was wedged yesterday.
9:20AM    Adult female flew down from the perch in the direction of the nest and out of sight.
11:00AM    Adult female perching again is same tree’s topmost branches while juvenile is scampering among the limbs of a shorter adjacent tree
12:25    Female has moved to GBB roof edge, facing the nest.
1:00-3:20PM    no birds visible
3:22PM    Adult female is again on GBB roof, facing the nest.  A mockingbird is pestering the female.
3:30-5:03PM    No birds visible

9:00-10:15AM    One adult on GBB roof.
10:15AM-4:00PM    No birds visible.
4:14PM    Adult female on GBB roof, south edge but facing north instead of usual southern stance..
4:23PM    Female turned around, turned around and launched, flying off towards FNB.

8:25AM    Female on GBB roof.
8:29AM    No birds visible.
11:10AM    One adult soaring momentarily over GBB, then drifting off to east towards FNB.
11:15AM-4:45PM    No birds visible.

8:45-10:00AM    No birds visible.
10:20AM    Female on GBB roof.
10:24AM    Female flapped off towards Salado Creek area.  One Swainson’s near the nest took off, probably the juvenile, and hunted just above the treetops near the nest for one minute as adult female continued heading away towards the creek.
10:30-3:00PM        No birds visible.
3:10PM    Both adults circling GBB in tandem.
3:15-4:00PM    No birds visible.
4:00-4:03PM    Both adults back circling GBB, then both set wings and descended towards Tesoro bldg.
4:30PM    1 Hawk, probably the juvenile flapping west from 100 yards south of GBB, past CBB and 100 yards furtheer to southwest.

8:30-9:40AM    No birds visible.
9:40AM    One bird flapping around at treetop level between the nest and FNB, probably the juvenile.
10:55AM    Female soaring  at 70’ altitude in front of CBB, then drifting north.
11:00-4:45PM        No birds visible.

8:30AM    No birds visible.
8:35AM    Both adults land on GBB roof and are immediately pestered by a kingbird.
8:50AM    Male flew off the roof going towards the nest being attacked by the kingbird or a shrike for 10 seconds after takeoff.  Male reached the nest area and banked back towards GBB, flew over loop 410 and on towards Tesoro bldg., then banking again, went over BBQ at 50’ altitude.  Female remained on GBB roof.
9:20AM    Female still on GBB roof.
9:30AM    Male is perching in the rightmost dead tree near the nest.
9:40AM    Male dissapeared.
9:45AM    Female leaves GBB and flies to nest area, descending to treetop leel, circles around regaining altitude to 70’, then glides and flaps back north.
9:50AM    Both adults back on GBB roof.
9:51AM    Both adults leave.  Female glides towards nest and  lands in rightmost dead tree just out of sight, very near the nest itself.
9:45-4:15PM    No birds visible.
4:14PM    One adult, probably the male circling GBB, rising to 300’ altitude, then drifting nw to tesoro bldg area.
4:20-4:45PM    No birds visible.

9:15-9:30AM    No birds visible.
9:30AM    Male soaring low hunting 100-300 yards south and east of FNB.
No further observations this day.

No observations 8/11-8/19/07

8:51AM    Both adults on GBB but not perched together as usual.
9:26AM-4:45PM     No birds visible.

9:00AM    One adult on GBB roof, other hunting between FNB and BBB.
9:07AM    No birds visible.
9:24AM    Female adult on GBB roof.
12:10    No birds visible.
12:11    Female came from BBB area and landed on GBB roof.  Male followed a minute later and took several circles around GBB before landing on GBB roof.
12:40-120PM    Only Female on GBB roof.  Intermittent showers and sunshine.
1:40PM    Both adults soaring at 100’ altitude, gaining to 150’.  Female then dove back to GBB roof and landed in the center of the roof out of sight.  The male continued rising to 200’ altitude and drifted north over 410.
3:38PM    Female on GBB roof.
3:40PM    Female launched and circled up to 200’ altitude then drifted northwest.

9:03AM    Both adults n GBB roof.
9:04AM    While adults watched from the roof, juvenile flapped and glided around between the nestsite and GBB, then awkwardly landed on GBB roof edge with parents.
9:18AM    only 1 bird visible on GBB roof.  Others may be there but out f sight, back from the edge.
10:15AM    Female soars past CBB at 70’ altitude and landed on GBB roof.
10:22AM    Male has joined female on GBB roof.
10:50AM    Only female in sight on GBB roof.
11:00AM    Male just flew up and landed next to female on GBB.
2:30PM    Only female visible on GBB roof.

8:49AM    Both adults on GBB roof.
9:10AM    Only female visible on GBB roof as rain starts.
9:21AM    Female still present as large drop heavy rain occurs.
9:26AM    Still present in heavy rain.
9:29AM    Female still present as rain eases to a light rain.
9:52AM    Female still present as light rain turns to a drizzle.
10:31AM    Adult female and the juvenile on GBB roof as a spot of sunshine comes through clouds.
11:57AM    No birds visible.

8:59AM    Female and juvenile circling GBB roof.  Both land but juvenile lands on west roof edge instead of the familiar south edge, and in an awkward way.  Juvenile then moves over to south edge with the female.  Female has a small fingernail sized feather stuck to one of her claws, possibly from prey.
9:08AM    Juvenile jumps off GBB roof boring straight south for 600 yards intercepting the adult male who is carrying a rat-sized prey at 150’ altitude.  Male drops the prey as juvenile approaches and juvenile adjusts flight angle to grab the prey at 75’ altitude.  Prey appeared to be rat or large mouse rather than a bird.
10:00    No birds visible.
11:40AM    1 bird flapped past CBB at 60’ altitude.
11:42AM    1Swaisnon’s has joined a buzzard circling in updrafts coming off the south side of CBB.
1:30-4:45PM    No birds visible.

9:18AM    Female on GBB roof.
9:50-3:10PM    No birds visible.
3:13PM    1 adult about 600 yards south of CBB hunting at 50-75’ altitude, slowly circling north to CBB and gaining altitude to 80-120’.
3:30-4:45PM    No birds visible.

No observations in the morning.
No birds seen in the afternoon.

9:40AM    Both adults on GBB roof.  Male usually perches to the female’s right.
9:59-10:30AM    Both adults still on GBB roof, preening.  No wind to soar.
10:45AM    No birds visible.
2:24-2:38PM    Juvenile on GBB roof by himself.  He called 3 times during 5 minutes and spent most of the time watching the sky overhead but sometimes scanning the horizon.
2:41PM    Juvenile sat down, still watching overhead and horizon.
2:44PM    Juvenile is again sitting up, watching the skies.
2:50PM    Juvenile launched, circled at 100’ altitude, and drifted over to BBQ, than a half mile north of BBQ, then over Tesoro Bldgs
2:51-4:30PM    No birds visible.
4:32-4:40PM    Adult female on GBB roof preening.

8:45-10:45AM    Both adults on GBB south-facing roof but both facing north.  This is an unusual perching attitude for them.  Clouds moving north to south might indicate a temporary north breeze explaining it.  Male is again on the female’s right as usual.
10:45AM    Juvenile appears gliding at 100’ altitude.  Both adults launch and join the juvenile, spiraling up to 300-400'’altitude.  Juvenile tries 3 quick lateral rolls one minute apart and does a lot of shallow dives with wings partly folded.  Meanwhile adults swoop, gaining and losing 100’ altitude per swoop.  Juvenile no longer needs to flap to travel distance or gain altitude as it did just a few weeks previously. 
11:01AM    All three birds still in the air.  One adult plunges vertically from 250’ altitude to the treetops at 40’ reaching speeds that look to be about 100MPH with no braking on entering the canopy.  The juvenile continues floating and gliding, doing shallow dives at 200-400’ altitude at speeds up to maybe 60MPH.
11:15AM    No birds visible.
11:43AM    Juvenile is riding updrafts at 100’ altitude near CBB.
12:42    Male gliding at 90’ altitude on updrafts on south side of CBB.
12:48    Male lands on GBB roof.  Roof edge must be very hot as he alternately lifts one foot, then the other while looking at his feet.
1:00-2:15PM    No birds visible.
2:45PM    Both adults on GBB roof preening.  This time with male to female’s left, not typical.
4:40PM    Adult male and juvenile on GBB roof, female gone somewhere.
4:44PM    Both male and juvenile launch and circle over toward FNB, then split up.  One takes a direct glide toward Tesoro, the other rakes a higher circling drift to the same area.

9:10AM    1 bird on GBB roof, cannot identify due to poor lighting.
9:20-9:50AM    No birds visible.
9:52AM    Adult female on GBB roof.
10:25AM    Both adults on GBB roof  Juvenile is soaring at 150’ altitude 500yards south of FNB.
10:35AM    Female launches and glides over GBB at 130’ altitude while male stays on the roof..
11:17AM    Male launched and glided at 100’ altitude towards FNB.
11:30AM-244PM    No birds visible
1:15-2:30PM    Thunder and rain.
2:44PM    Both adults back on GBB roof, drying feathers in the sun.
2:47PM    Male hopped out of sight in a depression of the roof.
2:55PM    Female hopped back almost out of sight.   
3:07PM    Male moved back to GBB roof edge and joined the juvenile perching there.
3:30-3:45PM    Both adults preening, nearly dry.  Juvenile is out of sight.

Drizzle in the morning, ending at 11AM, then heavy threatening clouds rest of the day.
9:15-12:30    Both adults on GBB roof.
1:07-2:17PM    Just adult female on GBB roof
3:08-4:45PM    No birds visible, and drizzle after 3:00PM anyway.

Dark wet and cloudy day.
8:09AM    Both adults on GBB roof.
9:29-4:45PM    No birds visible.

8:41AM    Both adults perched close together on south edge of GBB roof.
8:50AM    Just one adult on GBB roof.
11:20-4:45PM    No birds visible

8:45-9:40AM    No birds visible
9:42AM    One bird winging past CBB and toward Tesoro Bldg.
9:45-11:35AM    No birds visible
11:40AM    Adult male circles GBB at 150’ altitude, then floats off north towards BBB.
11:45-4:45PM    No birds visible.

8:55AM    Juvenile on GBB roof.
10:40-4:30PM    No birds visible.
4:38PM    Both adults on GBB roof.  Don’t see juvenile anywhere.

Dark, heavy clouds with heavy rain ending at 9:15AM.  This is the first cold front of the season but only a light north breeze.
9:15-10:28AM    No birds visible
10:28AM    1 Adult, probably the female, on GBB roof preening wet feathers.
12:00-4:15PM        No birds visible
4:15PM    Male adult on GBB roof while female soars at 100’ altitude 50-150 yards south of CBB.

Sunny, clear and cool.
8:53AM    Both adults on GBB roof.
8:54AM    Male made a short  flight south for 300 yards, then back.  Not enough updrafts yet for good soaring.
12:00-4:45PM    No birds visible.

Clear and low humidity day.
8:45AM    2 birds, probably both adults, on GBB roof.
10:00-4:45PM    No birds visible 

8:50AM    Male adult on GBB roof.  Mockingbird standing to preening male.
9:00    Mockingbird gone but hawk still present.
9:40    Hawk is gone from GBB.  No further sightings this day.

partly cloudy, south breeze.
8:55AM    Adult female on GBB roof.
9:23AM    Male shows up and joins female on GBB roof.
9:24AM    Two men appear on GBB roof, flushing the birds.  Birds circled a few times and then drifted off NE across Loop 410.  Lots of pointing by supervisor on roof to workers.
9:37AM    Supervisor and workers leave roof.
9:38-4:30PM    No birds visible
4:30PM    Male lands on GBB roof.
4:32PM    Male takes off , drifts over loop 410, and returns by 4:38PM.

9:00-2:45PM    Workers on GBB roof positioning steel beams and working with platform hanging over south side.
3:00PM    One adult drifting and circling about east to west at 1000-2000’ altitude about 5 blocks south of FNB-CBB line, barely visible to naked eye at that altitude.
No further sightings this day.

Workers on roof and scaffolding all day.  No birds seen during this day.

9:00-4:30PM    Workers on platform against south side of GBB.  No birds seen today.

9:00-9:30AM    Workers hanging scaffolding from GBB roof and doing window caulking and washing
1:24PM    An adult came from the west to BGG vicinity at 150’ altitude, circled twice,, found a thermal and rose to 300’.  It then drifted north over loop 410 towards BBB.  No birds remainder of day.

8:45AM    Workers hanging from a platform at GBB caulking windows all day.
3:20PM    One adult, probably the female, came wheeling over GBB at 150’ altitude circled about 3 times, and drifted off to the west, climbing to 200-300’ altitude.
No birds remainder of the day.

Workers on scaffolding at GBB all day.  No birds seen during the day.

More activity on GBB roof and sides.  No birds seen today.

More activity on GBB with scaffolding and no birds seen today.

More work on GBB roof and no birds seen.

Beams and cables on GBB roof.  Caulking going on at west side of GBB.  No birds seen all day.

Various beams and cables are gone from GBB building.
8:45-9:15 AM    Workers on the NE corner of GBB roof.
9:40AM    Adult female perched on south edge of GBB roof.
9:55AM    Female launched and glided north towards Tesoro buildings.
10:00-11:20AM    No birds visible
11:20AM    1 adult soaring against south-facing side of GBB while window caulking is going on at the west facing windows from a scaffolding.   

8:45-9:08AM    No birds
9:08AM    Workers on the roof dropping cables over the sides to do repair work
10:12    workers on scaffolding on south side.  Work proceeded all day and no birds present.

8:45-1:08PM    no birds
1:09PM    1 adult gliding at 300-500’ altitude, not migrating but just facing into the wind hanging around.

No birds all day and no disturbance from workers.

Dark overcast day, used headlights driving in.  No birds seen any time of day.  Workers intermittently on GBB roof between 9:00AM and 1:03PM.

Clear sky, north wind breeze.  No birds seen all day but workers on GBB roof and-or scaffolding between 8:41AM and 3:00PM.

Clear sky, faint north breeze.  Window washing on the north side of GBB.

Workers on the roof at 1:35PM and 4:10PM.

No birds visible today.

No birds visible today.

Apparently the last sighting was a lone adult on 10/4/2007.
The north breeze on 10/9/2007 probably started the remaining adult or both adults heading south.
Veracruz had an enormous overflight of swainson's on 10/12/2007 ans I suppose our San Antonio adults were in that group, on there way to Argentina.