Bill's Corpus Christi Bird Records

Click here for a very old spreadsheet of several years of weekly records.  These records were from specific loops driven weekly.  The loop and observing technique was repeatable for all records so abundance changes reflect bird abundance changes, not observer changes.

The main loops were from Corpus east to Laguna Madre and south along the lagoon shore, and from Corpus west past Polywog Pond, to Hazel Bazemore Park.  At the time, Hazel Bazemore was just beginning to get its reputation as a hawk watch location.   It is instructive to notice how few hawks are recorded here, even with all the trips to the park.  This shows how fleeting the hawk movements commonly are.  many times I met the hawk watchers, but only a few times, any signifigant numbers of hawks.

You may notice the decrease in House Sparrows in the fall.  They all left for the fields of sorghum south of town.  You wil also see the fluctuation in meadowlarks with the season as well.  They were residents regionally, but not locally on these loops.