pie chart of bird abundance

This chart shows relative abundance of bird sightings in River Oaks subdivision, Comal County Texas.  To read the chart,
the pie segments correspond to the legend when you follow the pie segments clockwise from the top.  For example, the pale
or white pie segment at 4 oclock is the third pie segment (clockwise from the top) so corresponds to the third bird listed in the legend.
As a corss-check, the little square next to the bird's name matches the color of the pie slice.  Notice that six species make up
half the birds seen or heard.

This data represents about a hundred outings walking through the subdivision during all seasons.  The legend lists only the more common
thirty or so of the 130 or so species seen and shown on the pie chart.  Notice the last hundred species occupy only a small sector of the
sightings chart.

The subdivision is on the Edwards recharge zone in the east of the county.  It is mostly a juniper-oak woodland with a slight to moderate
residential impact.  A fraction of the subdivision is riparian along the Guadelupe River and some scrubland exists on the other end of the