Mesquite Creek Wildlife Habitat Area

You should sign in at the headquarters on Kohlenberg before entering the property.

Please make a record of bird species with numbers and pass on to
Bob Norris so he can incorporate your observations into the accumulating records.

To see and print a map of the area with paths and pasture roads, left click here
  (580kb PDF file) resolution 200dp , 11/10/2011
Roads, footpaths, gates, gaps and ponds are complete and accurately placed to my knowledge as of 11/10/2011.  Bumpy dark red areas are elm woods.  Bumpy medium red areas are mixed woods.  Bumpy light red areas such as the far west corner are mesquite woods.  Smoother areas are mesquite grassland and just grassland.  Gray, withn the boundary, is occasionally flooded grassland and blue is water in wet years.  The  yellow dots on the footpaths are benches.

To see and print a map of just the north entrance, Click here
(about 477kb PDF file) resolution 200dpi

To print up some bird tally sheets, click here  (107kb PDF file) resolution 200dpi

Bird Sightings on a monthly basis, 1st season, 2nd season, 3rd season  4th season
bottom of each table gives totals, trips, and hours

Bird Checklist  This was continually updated about every month through 3/2013.  Excel format only.