Making a building
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Broadway Bank decided they needed a bigger building, so they started on one.

Here's the sign showing what it should look like.
Here's the spot the sign view is from, showing the old building on the right, new one starting.
The new bank building is being constructed with this 10 story tall crane.
Here is the man up at the crane top, guiding it.
Here, he is going to lift supplies to the top floor.
He unloads on a temporary loading dock.
Here the crane operator is lifting a wall in place on the roof.
These workers use a fancy ladder to work on the ceiling where they are putting up office walls.
These workers have a big fancy ladder to weather-seal windows.
The crane operator gets ready for another day.
The crane operator this morning.
The trash basket makes the rounds in the early morning, cleaning the site.
The welder wears his safety strap before getting on the edge.
These three welders help each other at the roof edge.
The crane operator brings more boards.
A plumber gets rid of some extra pipe at the loading dock.
These electricians work with wiring on the ceiling.
This window worker drives his collapsed ladder.
A welder adds more roof edges.
Here is a big load for the lower roof.
The crane operator brings a second package for the lower roof.
The people on the roof are ready to guide the package to its place.
Now the window panels for third floor start coming up.
Here comes another window panel.
The south-facing third floor windows are all in.
The crane operator brings three big air conditioners to the top roof.
Workers wearing their lifelines, finish the topmost roof.
Added top floor windows, on the opposite side
Starting the upper floor south-facing windows.
Putting up some upper floor windows, part1.
upper floor windows part2.
Done with the upper floor south facing windows.
Starting on the west facing big windows
Moving the big window to its place
The workers guide the window
Nudging the window to its spot
The crane operator brings one more window.