Arkansas Ivory-bill Trip

I had a chance to volunteer with the Cornell group in Arkansas in early January 2006.  I took some pictures of the woods and swamps, and recorded some sounds I thought I would share, along with a few comments about the coordinated effort.

We arrived in Brinkley Ark to a lot of ducks and geese.  There were a couple of Ivory–bills there too.  We ate at Gene’s BBQ, got some postcards of woodpeckers, met the owner, then went over to The Ivory Bill Nest store to check out T-shirts.  There we ran into Bobby Harrison and his wife.

There were about 34 searchers on the team plus various Cornell supervisors and biologists, complete with several friendly dogs.  The group used four bases dispersed throughout the Big Woods region, where target areas and specific tasks were often assigned to groups staying in a specific lodging.