Our Aquarium

We decided to start  a native fish and fauna aquarium the day we saw frog eggs in our pool, Feb 20, 2011.
Since we don't need chlorine in the winter to keep the pool clear, it is friendly to frogs during those cold months. 

So we will start with those frog eggs, going into tadpoles.
We will transform it to Guadalupe River fish and fauna while the tadpoles are growing, getting some native minnows and maybe a few other things going too from the river.

First day    2/20
The momma frog
Her eggs in the new aquarium, in the chlorine-less water tehy were laid in.
Close up of her eggs the first day

Third day   2/23
The aquarium is set up with river water, gravel, rocks, plants, and two types of minnows; and the frog eggs under a strainer.
The eggs are under a strainer for protection from the minnows.  They are developing rapidly.
The Texas Shiner minnow is a small topwater minnow
The Blacktail Shiner minnow is a larger gravelbed-rapids minnow.

Fourth day    2/24
The eggs begin to hatch
The whole mass of eggs hatch
Little tadpoles find a good place
Some tadpoles like to rest in the plants

Sixth day     2/26
Most of the tadpoles have settled in the plants now.
These minnows get along fine with the tadpoles.

Seventh day   2/27
The minnows and tadpoles coexist fine
Tadpoles are everywhere
Tadpoles on the plants
Tadpole close up
Tadpoles resting on a rock

Twentieth Day  3/12
Our aquarium has two new minnow types, and the tadpoles are growing
One of our new minnow types, the Weed Shiner, from 8 inch deep water
Our other new minnow type, a Western Mosquitofish from 6 inch deep quieter water by shore
Our tadpoles now have faces
They are a little transparent now
Here are three resting